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A Cell Phone Free World!!


We live in a highly technological world where almost everything has become mechanized. Our cell phones have become a really important part of our lives. Our social relations, our work– everything is now highly dependent on cell phones. I ask you, what would happen if one day cell phones just disappear?! Will you be able to survive? Does it hurt to even imagine a world where you do not have a phone?? Does it sound like an incomplete life? Lots of questions would revolve in your mind- how will I communicate with other people? How will I work? How will I maintain all my social relations? If these questions are in your mind, then maybe you need to think the kind of life you are leading. It is often said that in this world, there is a constant battle between machines and the human beings. In any case, no person should be highly dependent on anything, be it another person or a cell phone! So, I urge you to imagine a world without the cell phone menace.

No, it is not scary. Maybe at first you might think so.Obviously it is a big change because our lives practically revolve around a phone. But when you give yourself some time to digest this scenario, I am sure it will not be as bad as you think. We do not realize but our phones take up a lot of our time. Most of our ‘free’ time is spent on the phone. Be it downloading new apps or playing some game or messaging someone or checking email or surfing the net. This phone is something that makes time fly. Once you start spending too much time on your phone, you get hooked on to it without even realizing. Even if you think you are doing your work on the phone, it is hardly so as that is not possible all the time.

Here is a list of 5 things you could do had the world been cell phone free!

1) Pick Up An Actual Hobby

You keep on thinking you will do a certain thing, develop a certain talent, when you have some free time. You keep on thinking about that new dance class or that art class everyone has been talking about. But, when it comes to actually picking up a hobby, you normally chicken out because you feel too attached to your phone. It is an important device for you after all, it helps you talk to people you cannot talk to under phone- less circumstances. So, time goes by but you are still stuck on your phone.

2) Travel

For some, seeing the world is such an important thing. I see foreigners in India who want to experience as much as they can before taking their last breath. Sadly, this is a dying breed which is rare when see in a general number. People are driven by wealth and technology. The wish of seeing new places is slowly fading away. People are so busy with their lives– their work and family (read: use of phone included) that they forget about the rest of the world and how these experiences really are important for development of the individual as a person.

3) Talk To Your Kids/ Parents

If you are an adult: You work in your office and by the time you come home, you are so tired and have so much more pending work to do that, sadly, you neglect your kids. This is unfair to them. Please, stop using your phone for an hour or so and talk to your kids at that time. Had the cell phone menace not been there, I am sure every parent would have paid much more attention to their kids.

If you are a child: If you are a child and you live with your parents: Stop yourself from getting trapped in the virtual world. The real world is much more exciting, trust me. Spend some time with your parents. Make them feel loved. A phone- less hour every day should not be a huge deal.

4) Read a Book

This may sound a little insane, but had the cell phone not existed, you would have actually picked up a book and read it till the last page! We do not realize how much time we spend with our phone. If we did, we would probably rethink our lifestyle choices. Books are a man’s best friend. With time to spare, you would have given them some importance.

5) Letter Writing

Personally, I am a fan of the people who still write letters. This service is almost non-existent right now. I know for sure my mother writes a letter to her brother once every year. For my birthday, all my friends posted me a letter, stamps and everything! Had the phone not been there, we would still be writing letters. In today’s world, it is a novelty to get a letter from a loved one.

Think about it. Maybe you can add more things to this list of mine. Life is too vast to be curtailed by the use of cell phones but sadly, in this case, the machine has almost taken over. I hope the scenario changes and people learn to live life outside the world of technology.

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