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Category: Beauty

Most women love styling and coloring their hair or ‘experimenting’ with their hair as most like to call it. It is nice to look different at times, but it should not come with the cost of extensive damage to the hair. Also, while the person is all pumped up about the new colour or style, […]
I must tell you something in the very beginning, this article was influenced by a speech of Ash Beckham, a truly extraordinary lady. She used to be a waitress at Southside Walnut Cafe at one point of her life. As expected, the diner attracted a great number of toddlers as its customers. When she went […]

‘Nails’ It!

On May 26, 2014

So, are you one of those females who just love their hands? Who would scream out in happiness when they see this bright, shiny, glamorous looking bottle called nail polish, in their favorite color? Ar

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