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Career path: the ten years hence plan


So it has suddenly dawned upon me that I have quite a few entrances to give, work to do, studying to do and sitting for placements to do in the next 4-5 months and since I’ve been so exceptionally free all through my college years apart from this one which is the last, that’s just a lot of information for me to digest. I freak out from time to time thinking of all the studying I have to do, and how close I am to making something out of myself finally. I’ve so little of my student life left and now I’m supposed to be responsible, think about my future, my career path and where I see myself ten years down the line. Just thinking of all this gives me goose bumps really because it’s a whole lot of information to even process after such a relaxing period of 2 years, now I’m supposed to get back up on my feet and get on to some serious business. For most of our lives, we keep thinking that our lives depend upon these entrances and exams and colleges and placements and maybe it does to an extent.


But I’ve come to realise that life begins right after all this ends. Student life is a struggle too, no denying that. With the end of every phase of your student life, you’re pushed into a little bit of reality each time but never all of it at once till it finally ends. That’s where the test begins. A lot of people decide in advance as to what they want to do or what they want to make out of their lives eventually. Believe me you’re lucky if you’ve found your passion and you know how to get where you want but I guess that doesn’t happen to a lot of us. I for one have always had a change of heart and mind every 3 years or so in my life, ever since I was a kid. I could never settle for one thing. And probably the first time I discovered something I really like, I wasn’t keen enough on following it up or maybe I just couldn’t make it for whatever reasons. But now when I look back at all of it, and even look ahead, I suddenly have no clue as to where my life is headed. My career depends on a set of 5 entrances and interviews and group discussions right now, and maybe that final day of placements. I’m finally going somewhere with my life and I still am pretty unclear as to what lies at the end of the path I’ve chosen.


Not that I’ve chosen something unconventional, but I’m still not confident enough, I still am in two minds. I’m still that kid from 7th grade who wanted to be choreographer one moment and a journalist the other. Maybe the difference between my choices isn’t that stark but it’s there and maybe it’s not life altering entirely but still pretty important. This is where we all get stuck somewhere in our lives, mid life crisis sorts. You reach one place and then you see multiple roads, you don’t know where it ends, maybe you can see how they look at the beginning but you don’t know your destination and that does make you feel really lost at times but as long as you’re getting somewhere, keep going. You can’t undo things in your life but you can always do more. At least as far as your career is concerned you’re always going to have a second chance, I really believe that. You can always keep adding value to yourself, grow as a person and as a professional. You could get a broader understanding of every aspect of your career or whatever field you find most attractive so that you know where you’re going with it and you can define a certain career goal for yourself.


It’s very important to know where you’re going at least if not the destination, you can’t aimlessly walk into anything because there’s no coming out of it, it’s a very precious time of your life which is lost in taking these decisions. But yes, take a deep breath and calm down. Give yourself breathers from time to time, take breaks, go on a vacation. You don’t have to plan your 10 years hence already, as long as you’re willing to work for it you can set a routine that involves no compromising on anything else in your life. Your ten years hence should most importantly not only revolve around your career, it should also revolve around your personal life, your relationships, your people. It should also revolve around the people you’re going to come home to from work because they’re going to be the backbone of your entire system.


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