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Care for your teeth


When we were small and the worst fear we ever faced was our tooth fall. We were being advised to dig up some earth and bury the tooth. The tooth fairy would come and gift us with a brand new and sparkling tooth. My grandma says that teeth are he best part of a human’s face. No doubt, at times she switches to eyes, lips and tresses too. The right brushing technique accumulated with the flossing methods play a crucial role in giving the perfect smile and oral hygiene. But it depends on your age and the sensitivity of your teeth. Not everyone has the same dental habits and on similar lines, it is very important for everyone to adopt the right method.


The one thing that is the worst put-off in a guy for me is his bad breath. The ill shaped teeth, unhealthy gums and foul breathing can hamper with the confidence that a person has. Improper cleaning technique is the cause of teeth problems. It can also affect the enamel and result in severe damage. In order to maintain the oral hygiene. Dentists often advise us to brush our teeth twice a day and floss regularly. But we hardly stick to his advice. We brush once a day and seldom floss. One should begin by flossing before taking up the brush. This ensures that the space between your teeth is clean and the gums are healthy. One should take about two to three minutes while brushing. Brush softly and mildly. They are one of the most delicate organs of your body, yet the least taken care of. We often run to the physician when we face any slightest ailment. Make short and delicate strokes. They need very gentle and easy handling, especially if one is already facing dental problems.


Gum cleaning is equally important as teeth cleaning. Mild strokes must hit the gums too while cleaning your mouth. For this we will be needing a toothbrush whose bristles are soft and will not give away bleeding in gums. Bristles must be extremely soft so that they will not rupture your gum line. While I was in school, some people from a toothbrush company came to teach us good brushing techniques. Two types of movements are to be followed. One circular while brushing the molar and straight vertical soft strokes while brushing the incisors. One can incorporate innumerable techniques while brushing the teeth but be careful with the gums. Improper brushing can adversely affect the shine of your teeth and can lead to gum bleeding. Chewing sugar free gum is one of the best remedy for bacteria cleaning of the mouth. Sugared gums are tasty to chew but excessive starch in the mouth produces unwanted bacteria. Sugar less gum tastes similar to them but their benefits are large.


To prevent cavities and maintain good oral health, your diet is the most crucial factor of all. What all you eat and how often do you eat are important while considering the health of your teeth. Bacteria in your mouth converts the starch and sugars to acids which decay the enamel of your teeth. Once the bacteria start to produce acids, the decay process starts. The more often you eat and snack, the more frequently you are exposing your teeth to the bacterial attack. The best food choices for your oral health include nuts, cheese, milk and other calcium rich supplements. Chicken and meat are other foods which help to remineralize the tooth enamel by depositing the minerals. Fruits like apples and pears have high water content which dilutes the sugar content and stimulates the production of saliva. Saliva helps to wash away the food particles stuck in the teeth and buffers the acid. Citrus fruits are good when they are taken with larger meals or just after their intake you drink water to minimize their acidity. Poor food choices include candies, lollipops, milk chocolates, bananas, raisins and other dried fruits. They get stuck in the teeth and aggravate the teeth due to bacteria accumulation and feeding. Cold drinks are the worst enemy of your teeth. Avoid sipping them every now and then just to quench your thirst especially in the hot and sultry weather.


You should always use a fluoride based toothpaste in order to have healthy gums and teeth. Do not chew tobacco or smoke. Smoking has donned into a fashion statement these days. Similarly alcohol consumption has taken its toll among the youngsters. Watch out for plaque. Plaque is a sticky substance that gets stuck in between your teeth. When it stays on your teeth for long, it can lead to tooth decay including cavities, yellowness, loss of shine, gum problems and bleeding. Good teeth makes you confident about your being and makes you stand out in the crowd. Before you venture out in the world, make sure you have presentable teeth. An attractive smile can bring self-confidence and a greater quality of life. When we are self confident and feel good about our-self, we want to smile and express our emotions. If one has a healthy smile, he or she will not be embarrassed to show off his pearly whites and one’s confidence. But if your teeth is stained, chipped, broken or crooked, then better keep your mouth closed than having to face the flak.

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