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How can fruits help you get a better and glowing skin?


We all are in a dilemma all the time, that what should we eat and what we should avoid for our skin and then end up paying thousands of money on the beauty products which gives us a good skin for a short period and end up damaging our skin for a longer period. So then why don’t we use natural products which are god gifted.

Here are 10 fruits which will give a healthier and a glowing skin which you should make a note too

1. Papaya


Papaya has always been a good appetizer for majority of people and studies have shown that eating this fruit decrease the risk of weight gain, heart disease and most importantly it gives you a glowing complexion and increase your energy.
It is best suited to be eaten early in the morning so that you have the energy to work whole day and then protect you sing from the dirt and the tedious work

2. Coconut

Coconut is the best thing which you give to your skin and specially the coconut water which helps you regulate your cell growth thus giving you a healthy skin and it contains cytokines and la-uric acid which helps in reducing the aging skin cells and besides drinking it early in the morning with a empty stomach you can also apply it on your skin in the night before going to bed so that it helps us in reducing age spots, acne stretch marks etc

3 Watermelons


As we all know that vitamin A helps us for getting infections and it increases our immunity and carotenoids helps us to prevent cell damage. And watermelon has these two qualities in it, thus making it an excellent source for getting a healthier skin and watermelon juice if taken during the breakfast time can help you to get a brighter skin and can increase a person’s lifespan

4 Avocados
Since we all know what vitamin A can do and avocado can be used as a great massage lotion which helps in restoring the nutrients in our skin and thus helps in improving our blood circulation of the skin
It is great moisturize and helps in soften dry skin and also removes acne blemishes and can used on lips to avoid chapping
It also removes premature aging and wrinkling of the skin

5 Bananas

It is good source of vitamin A , B and E and helps in premature aging and can be applied on the skin to have a glowing effect and more importantly it is available in every season so and is slightly lesser cost than the other fruits
So I recommend if you don’t want to waste your money on other fruits just for your skin then this is the best alternative you give to your skin.

6 Green apples

These might not be readily available but are the good source for getting a brighter and a lighter skin
They are rich in vitamin A, B, C and E which helps in whitening of the skin and will make your skin fresh for whole day of your intense work load which might take in your busy schedule.
And having a green apple will definitely reduce your chances of getting skin diseases such as rashes and will enlighten your skin.

7 Mangoes


It can be use in multiple ways and that’s why this is the king of tropical fruits.
Mangoes can rub on the skin and then you can wash it with running water to have a glowing skin or you can also use the skin of mangoes and applied it your skin to cool the skin from the sunstroke.
And you can also eat it obviously but too much consumption of it can be harmful for your skin because it will increase the sugar level in your body which will affect the skin so this point should be kept in mind while we take the usage of mangoes.

8 Green grapes

These have been always taken as a beauty and health usage thing
They help in elasticity of the skin if applied on the skin and thus help in removing of wrinkles and stretch marks and they can also be used to remove acne scars which are cause by us only because we tend scratch our acne and thus damaging our skin
They can also be use to correct the skin tone and making our complexion even.
It also improves our metabolism thus making our skin more glowing and amazing

9 Oranges

They are a good source of Vitamin C and can use as a scrub to have a clear and glowing skin and it also improves skin texture. It can remove acne scars and can naturally allow down the process of ageing.

10 Lemons
Good source of vitamin C which acts as a cleanser for the skin and trust me, we should avoid these cleanser products and use lemon instead because it can lightens canes scars, spots and skin tone thus making our skin more glowing and fruity type.
We should drink lemon juice in the morning to have a clear skin and mixture of lemon juice and honey can be applied on our skin which reduce the acne scar and give us amazing skin which dreamt of in our dreams.

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