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There are so many valid reasons for you to take a break from busy schedule and escape out for a camping trek. We get so busy once when our weekdays start over that we cannot look out for our needs. We just keep working and often end up with loads of stress and tension. Imagine for about a second how wonderful it would be sitting around the campfire under the clear sky, gazing up at stars and listening to the sounds of the night, surrounded around by Mother Nature, burning of the fresh firewood, hearing the tree sizzling with the wind blowing helps an individual to strengthen up and feel rejuvenated, pacify our spirits and also to restore our power. To the top of that the most amazing feeling is when you sleep in the tent just lying down there feeling relaxed.

You feel all alive again out of the messy life we have daily. Doing something adventurous fills you up with great enthusiasm isn’t it? It feels thrilling and exciting; the whole idea of going up for trek makes you feel fresh. A short trip would benefit you; it will help you to start everything with a new outlook and will keep away the stress factor out at least for a while. Many of you might think how to go alone? Where to go? What to take along? What things one should have and what not? Here I am with some of the information which might help you through all this questions. Many of you may have not gone before for trekking it might be your first trek trip, never mind. It advisable that a person should at least once in a lifetime take out time for your own and go out some place where you live to the fullest. Camping is the exciting thing ever it is my personal opinion though.

The above things can be perfectly accomplished if you are well prepared with everything regarding to the trek. It will just perfectly turn out the way you imagine if you go all prepared enough. The best way to start is make a list of everything you need well in advance. You may face lots of question to one which type of things will go handy. Even if this question doesn’t comes to you at first eventually it will come over. Do some research of what things you actually need along, you need not worry though as I would mention the list of what one should take along to make your trip more enjoyable and easy the things are as follows:


  • For making shelter:

–          You can carry a tent or

–          Can take some of the extra cloth, rope, and stake or mat to make a tent. Also you need is hammer and axe if necessary to build a tent over there.

  • For bedding:

–          Sleeping bag

–          Sheets, pillows or maybe air mattress, utility bags for storage

  • For cooking:

–          Always keep a large water can or jug even coolers and if possible ice along.

–          Thermos is indeed a necessary object

–          Stove filled with fuel and a matchstick along

–          If you go out of fuel carry along firewood and charcoal as they are handy to use in emergency

–          Newspaper a lot of them, tablecloth,

–          Paper plates, bowls, spoons, glass are another necessary things to pack in first

–          Trash bag

–          Dish soap

–          Containers for food storage if left any

–          Knife, spoons, tongs and all the necessary equipment used while cooking

–          Folding table

–          Napkins

  • Clothe to bag pack are:

–          Always go for shoes and avoid slippers and sandals while you go for trekking

–          Preferably wear shorts or some loose pants it would help you to climb easily

–          T-shirt, sweatshirt or jacket which suits you wear that

–          Inners and sleep clothes

–          Hat, gear, towel , laundry bag and extra pair of socks

  • Personal stuff:

–          This covers basic things and needs you daily as in toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, comb, deodorant, razor, toilet paper and other personal items which you feel like taking along.

–          In case it is too much sunny sunscreen is must.

  • Other things:

–          Extra batteries, lantern, whistle, books, cameras,  candles, maps for direction in case, radio, other important thing is the first aid kit, tissues, pocket knife, binoculars, plastic bags, rope, notepad and pen, safety pins, money, drinks and snacks, scissors and last but not the least watch.

Just before going anywhere choose a proper location and make the reservations and booking for the means of transport you are going use. Inform few people around you about where about so incase if you get misplaced or couldn’t track the exact location you can call up and ask for the guidance. Provide the necessary information as your cell phone numbers, if you are going by bike your bike number or if you are going by train its particular number. So it would be easy for other to find out in any kind of problem. So what are you waiting for select a destination and just leave! Hope you enjoy your trek.


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