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Is it a Calf Love or Unfeigned Love?


Relationships… a very comprehensive and cryptic term yet is inexplicable. In this contemporary world, have you ever wondered how profound the term is? Very easily, people say they are committed, they are dating somebody, or they are in a ‘relationship’. Perhaps, folks are becoming a little slapdash to ponder over such grave issues. In this forward-thinking era, youngsters tend to get fascinated and appealed by opposite gender in a nanosecond and get committed, without comprehending the repercussions of it.

Feelings and emotions give birth to relationships… is it correct to use this statement in this advanced and highly developed society where being in a relationship is now a fashion statement? The answer would be indisputable no! These days, relationships are an upshot of haphazardness owing to youngsters’ juvenile behavior.

The formative years of an adolescent is a period where he/she neither is utterly mature nor utterly immature. They just go on with the flow of their growing stage without perceiving the complexities of it. They see relationships as a very happening thing to be in and often get committed to the wrong ones. When I say wrong ones, I don’t mean those people who feign to be in love but in actuality, they aren’t. Wrong ones, conceivably, might be those for whom you are not positive enough within yourself either to claim your love or not. At times, you might be not so much in love with that particular person as in love with the idea of being in love. The love can be love in idleness. You will be always discussing your love, holding it in different lights, feeling it in different fashions, but it would be a superficial and an illusory emotion.

Perhaps, when you confront such a situation where a person confesses his/her love, you feel absolutely drowned.

You might feel like this is the right person for whom you have longed and coveted so much. All of a sudden, you start sensing something for that person. But that ‘something’ might not always be love, which he/she deserves. At that very instant, you might not realize your inner conscious and being absolute incognizant about the impending future, you might get committed with that very person who is deeply, passionately and irrevocably in love with you. Days, months, some years might pass, but there would certainly be one day when you will realize that you have made the wrong choice, not only for yourself but for that person as well, who once expressed his/her genuine emotions.

All of a sudden, you would start feeling that something is lost, some magical attributes of love is missing now. Something is amiss. But as soon as you recognize it, you will get to sense that the crux which you felt is lost, was never there. All at once, you’ll feel the sudden upheaval in mind. You will be bewildered with the thought that how this went amiss and how this circumstance has come out of the blue.

That anticipated relationship, essence of love which you always wanted was never like the same. You will try to fathom how did you make such imbecility but you will be left stupefied and amazed with such an abrupt jolt. Think about that person who loved you like insane and will love always. What wrong did he/she do? What was his/her folly? That person just loved you whole heartedly, fervently.

These are the follies which youngsters make these days substantially. They remain tentative about their true emotions and often step into a fallacious relationship and stay disgruntled. Feelings which they misapprehend for love, is actually at times just a time-being attraction and infatuation. Honest and genuine feelings do not die with course of time. However, moving into a relationship with ambiguity and vague feelings always end up atrociously.
They say, marry a person who loves you, rather to the one whom you love, but why? Why to jeopardize other person’s life just because of your insecurity and timidity. Possibly, you might fall in love with that person who loves you, but, there is a fog of uncertainty, too. What if, you would not be able to fall in love with that person? What if, you did not love the person in the similar fashion as he/she did? What if you did not reciprocate his/her love?

There are numerous questions involved owing to the precariousness of your feelings. Is it necessary to give a chance to a relationship? It would be like a hit-and-miss relationship which is held on the uncertainty of future. The base of a relationship must be strong enough to hold future petty issues. But if you give feeble relationship a try, it would never last long certainly. Therefore, always move into a genuine, unfeigned and heartfelt relationship without a base of uncertainty to keep it frangible always and forever.

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