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Broken Connections


What do people in this world value most? Is it the food we eat, the money we earn or is it the health that we gain. Maybe there is something that matters to us above all of this, something that changes us, completes us and yet we choose not to value it. It is something that has occupied the most important place in our life and we are still sometimes oblivious to the fact that how important it is to us.  It is something that keeps us connected, makes us feel happy, secure and safe.  It is the relationship that we humans have with others around that makes us feel good about ourselves.

A relationship can be of any sort and with anything. It is an attachment you have towards something you like; towards something you are compelled to protect, no matter what.  It is something that will make you go out of the way to preserve it. Many people lose themselves in a relationship and there are others who find themselves. It all depends on the commitment you have towards the relationship you are in. The more you are committed towards the relationship, the happier you will be. Commitment in a relationship is of utmost importance. A relationship without commitment is just like an empty vase, you have the base for the relationship but the beauty is missing. It is easy to find the commitment towards a relationship but maintaining that commitment is something that matters the most.

Talking about relationships and the commitments involved in it, there is not always happiness that is gained in relationships. There are also times when you miss some essential parts in a relationship you feel pain and remorse. You wish you could somehow undo your mistakes but it’s already too late and that time has passed by.

This is a story about how much a commitment in a relationship matters and how much the relationship can be benefited just by your presence.


A retired army officer saw his son playing in the courtyard with kids of his age, was suddenly struck with grief as he remembered about all the moments that he had missed with his son. The moments that were so special to him and for which he would give anything back, just to live those moments with his son. He pondered in his thoughts wondering how it would be if he had been present during his sons first birthday or stayed with him the day he could first walk. He wished that he would be there for his son and show him the world from his shoulders. He looked at his son playing and wished he had been there to tell him how proud he was when he got the first prize in sports. He thought to himself what all he could have gained just by being present there and staying with his son. Grief had now started to overcome him as he felt terrible because he couldn’t cherish those moments with his son.

His son while playing in the courtyard saw the qualms on his father’s face and felt a sudden rush of emotions through him. His heart sank as he thought about all the moments that he had missed with his father. His heart was in a confused state lost between happiness and sadness. He couldn’t clearly define his feelings whether he was overwhelmed that his father had come back home safe from the war or whether he was sad about the fact that his father had missed his childhood. Lost in his confused state he wondered how different it would have been and how much more happier he would have been if his father had been present during all his most important moments in childhood and his transition into adolescence. He for once wished that he could see the pride in his father’s eyes for him when he was receiving an award. He wished he could live those special moments with his father. Overcome by grief he approached his father and much to his shock he saw that his father’s eyes were filled with tears. He embraced his dad and all those unsaid words, the hidden feelings came out in a burst of emotion. They understood each other’s emotions and realized that what had been lost could never be gained again but they made a promise to themselves that, what they will have from now on, they will make the best out it, they will make a relationship that counts, that holds them together and binds them as long as they are there for each other. They took a heavenly vibe through their silence and they knew that their moment had arrived for killing the past and coming back to life.


We sometimes do not realize that what we are losing by trading a relationship for something, until the essence of that relationship is lost. We must learn to value the relationships we have in our life, be it a relationship with a person or an animal because the relationships are something that will always matter to us.


“We’ve got this gift of relationship, but relationship is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.”

–         John Lennon

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