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Bring Peace In Your Life



Stress,tension and anxiety have taken over the happiness in life.Every person, be it those who live on the roadside or the richest people in the state are unsatisfied with their lives.Life is full of chaos nowadays and sorting it seems to be more difficult.Peace of mind is as important as breathing is for survival.This treasure is desired by many but is achieved by only a few who know how to gain it.Stress and anxiety do not only make you depressed but also invite numerous diseases the names of which you might not even know.It is not always possible to change the external environment or situation but one can always make a better person on the inside.Life will never slow down if we do not make any efforts to bring its pace down.What is the purpose of being successful if you are not able to enjoy every bit of it?Peace comes only with internal happiness.We tell you how you can bring peace in your life and cherish every little moment-




You might have heard this before a thousand times but still continue to expect,don’t you?Expectations always lead to sorrow.No matter how much efforts you do for a person do not expect anything in return.Do your karma and do not ask for the fruit.Do not set unrealistic goals and make unnecessary assumptions.Never compare your life with others,you do not know what there destiny is all about.It is said that if you expect less and accept more,your life will have much less disappointments and less worries.




Believe in yourself,your capabilities.Be positive about life and accept things.No one is perfect in this world.You have your own unique identity.Do not always try too hard and stop blaming yourself.Be honest and loyal to yourself and take responsibilities.Be confident while making your own decisions .Remember you were the leading sperm that made it to this world.Pamper yourself once in a while with a good treat or a bubble bath.Do anything you enjoy but with caution.




There is no better joy than the joy of serving others.The act of helping others brings more satisfaction to the heart.Volunteer for a social cause,help the aged,the illiterate and the needy.See for yourself how helping someone can help you through life.Think peace before power and do not seek to control others while serving.




When was the last time you thanked your mother/wife for making delicious food for you every day?Do not blame every otherĀ  person and consider everyone as God’s men.Find happiness and love in small things, be it the victory of your favourite sports team in a match or your child getting good grades.Live every moment because life is too short to get angry and annoyed.Never argue and pick up fights at silly things.Forget what has happened in the past and forgive people.Forgiveness lifts you up and frees you from resentment.Remember,Treat others as you want to be treated because life is like an echo.Stay calm and count your blessings.




Do not take negative comments personally.Life is not about being serious always.Surround yourself with positive people and believe in the power of optimism.Ignore any negative comments and do not let anybody hamper your image.Also make peace with your past so that it does not affect your future.Settle any issues you have with certain people and solve problems through effective communication.But,also learn to take criticism and work towards achieving perfection.Do what you think is right and immediately stop things which can harm you in the future like smoking or taking drugs.




There is no point in living in the past or fantasizing about the future.If you want a better tomorrow live and work in the moment.Concentrate on important things and prioritize them accordingly.Manage your time,because time well managed is life well managed.




Waking up early can actually make life less chaotic.You can complete your pending tasks just before you head out for work,school or college.After you wake up practise deep breathing exercises.This will bring more oxygen to your brain and make you more active mentally.




Set clear objectives and live your life with a purpose and strive to achieve those goals.Many people are able to achieve success but are not able to manage it and hence fail again.This happens due to lack of persistence.You have to push yourself through difficult conditions in order to achieve and retain your success.Take the example of an ant,despite falling many a times the ant continues to climb the wall till it reaches its destination.



This is the best possible way to bring peace in your life.Close your eyes and stop all the thoughts entering your mind.Chant om and slowly breathe in and breathe out.Make it a ritual and practise this daily for 10 minutes.Your mind will become calm and you will feel the positivity all around you.




Do not sit idle for long periods.Utilize your time by doing something constructive like reading a good book,practising your favourite hobby etc.This will not let any negative thought to enter your mind and will bring contentment

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