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Breakfast Mysteries – Decoded!


As rightly put by an unknown Author, “Breakfast is a time for soothing food, for the safe, familiar things mom fed us. Despite the globalization of cuisine, breakfast is the meal that remains largely distinct among nations – a little taste of cultural identity served up every morning. Breakfast is home; it is the food that nourished us as children. Breakfast must do what no other food is required to ~ double duty. It must soothe one from the shock of awakening and provide fuel for the day ahead.”

Breakfast Mysteries 2

Now, why ‘breakfast’ is particularly related with mornings remains a mystery we won’t decode.

Just kidding!
Didn’t you read the title properly, eh?

If you dissect the word ‘Breakfast’ itself, you’d find the answer to the very basic and authentic questions of breakfast, i.e., to “break” the “fast”. Apparently, the food you consume after a long break during which the body is ingested with no food (as is usual during night, except if you have a problem of eating while asleep) is known as breakfast. That being the reason breakfast is considered as a morning food and consumed as the first meal of the day.

Now the next thing that might come into a layman’s mind would be the kind of rush usual people are in during early hours of morning, what with all the kids rushing to schools, moms and dads and everyone else occupied with starting up all the work and everything and having to manage to take out time for breakfast along side? Many of us skip breakfast, taking it for granted, thinking you could have it later, but is it really right? Acceptable?
Well, even a quick breakfast is better than nothing.
Over the many years, studies have shown that adults, children and adolescents who do eat breakfast every morning tend to have better overall nutrition and are less likely to be overweight. So, that makes the need to have breakfast well-disposed.

Next comes the infamous ‘Would what I eat matter?’, With all the prominent butter coated paranthas famous as best breakfast food in parts of the country to people who actually prefer just fruits, sprouts and veggies on the other side to people who actually just have a lesser amount of what they have in lunch as a part of breakfast?

Breakfast Mysteries 1

However, not all breakfast foods are equal – some will help you reach your nutrition goals much faster while some will just hinder the way that leads to the same. Now, breakfast is the sort of meal that does not depend on the quantity but about what consists of it, no matter in what small or large an amount. As the trend goes, some people are not hungry when they get up while some people are just plain ravishly hungry. For those who are not that hungry, a light nutritious snack in the form of porridge or shake or a light but green sandwich sounds about perfect and enough to get your body and mind moving. Sugar, however, can be tried not to be used in unnecessarily large quantities as they are referred to as ‘empty calories’, since they add up to minimal nutritional value whilst having abundance of calorie storage.

Ideal breakfast as the experts say is the one that measures perfectly on the scale of a balanced diet, includes cereals, milk and a little quantity of each step from the food pyramid.

Many are advised and told that having proper breakfast will even help them lose weight, but how? Easy! By reducing hunger later in day due to some food that has already made its way to your stomach! As it is said that when the hunger gets the best of you, people usually tend to over eat in order to compensate, hence leading to weight gain.

Family Enjoying meal,mealtime Together

Another myth making rounds is that having breakfast in morning makes you tired for the rest of the day and rather upping the laziness quotient. However, the fact is that it is with breakfast that you get most of the energy needed to carry out your daily routine and work. It ups the energy levels and makes you more active and helps you focus.

An additional tip to take maximum benefits of breakfast would be to have just the right amount of dinner the night before and eating nothing in between. Confused at the weird tip? Well, eating a full and heavy meal late at previous night would make you feel oh so full that you won’t feel like having breakfast after waking up, which, in turn will distort the ideal routine. To avoid such scenario, plan your night meal a little bit early and do not eat anything after dinner. When the gap in between the dinner and the breakfast will be more, one will definitely be hungry next morning to have their breakfast.

To sum it up, breakfast food must satisfy one third of your nutritional needs for the day and daily requirement. Both, the regularity and the quality of what is prepared for breakfast is very, very important and must not be ignored. You need not have the good old traditional breakfast foods only; you are free to experiment with more available options and your personal choice or trends. Also, avoid consumption of coffee and rather opt for healthy juices, smoothies or plain simple milk.



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