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Bodybuilding: Let’s Get Started!


Everyone wants a good physique. But not everyone does what it takes to achieve one. For every pound of pure muscle gain, one has to sweat 10 pounds of blood and I mean it!

In this article, I’ll focus upon where to start for a person who has had no such prior experience in bodybuilding. There goes a famous quote in the field of bodybuilding, “Bodybuilding is an art, your body is the canvas, weights are your brush and nutrition is your paint.”

Before getting a gym membership, first do some bodyweight exercises at the home for a few months. That’ll help in building the basic level of strength, power and stamina. The point is you need to be regular upon the schedule. Working out alternate days is the best option. Muscles take a total or 48 hours or so to get fully recovered. So, before hitting that muscle group again, you should give enough time to let it recover and gain its original strength back.

First allot a time slot for working out. Be sure to choose it very carefully. I mean if you do a heavy workout early in the morning, you may remain tired till the evening and you may not be able to perform all the day jobs properly. Moreover, the muscles are not very active in the morning, so, you will not be able to give your best. Evening-time workouts suit most of the people. Still, a few people find themselves to be more energetic and powerful in the morning. So, before allotting a time slot, try for a few days and find the time of the day when your muscles respond more quickly and you feel full of energy. Once allotted, stick to the timing!

The mistake most of the people do is that they decide to start exercising in the morning and rush towards the gym in the evening. I’ve seen many first timers doing biceps curls right after they arrive at the gym and they keep doing it! While some of them go and pick up some bench either to do some bench press or crunches. After a few weeks, they observe no results and that’s how their motivation ends. That’s not how things should work!

skinny biceps

Just curling up unlimited weight blindly and shouting won’t get you big guns. As a matter of fact, bicep constitutes only 40% of the total arm mass. Rest of the 60% is triceps! Moreover, in general physical works, triceps are way too useful than biceps.

So, what exercises a beginner should do? Start from jogging! Yeah, jog for about 5 minutes and let the body get warmed. Do some basic rotation exercises and a little stretching to improve the blood flow in the muscles. Next, you can schedule the main bodyweight exercises, that is, push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, parallel arm dips etc. according to your level. For beginners, it might be possible that you won’t be able to do even a single push-up! Keep trying and never give up! If it were that easy, everyone in the world would have been healthy and muscular. You can find a lot of instructional videos upon YouTube to do these exercises properly. Doing through the right way is very important because if you do the exercises improperly, you may call for injuries or the exercises may not fetch enough results even after sweating hard. So, learn the proper technique, and hit upon it!

Do that exercise first which requires medium amount of effort. Pushup are ideal exercises to kick-start your schedule with. Do a few sets of it and then go for pull-ups after resting a few minutes. Next could be dips. Do as many as you can. Put on all your power that you have and let the muscles burn. The problem with muscles is they don’t start growing until they start burning. Sit-ups and other abdominal exercises should be performed at the end of the schedule because you definitely won’t like to lose all your power just for a small muscle group by performing its activity earlier in the workout.

Mind plays an important role in the overall effectiveness of an exercise. More you focus, better results you’d get. For example, while doing the crunches, feel how hard the stomach muscles are working out with every rep, feel the twist, feel the squeeze, feel the burn! And then, also feel that with every rep, they’re becoming stronger and stronger. You’ll wonder how astonishing results you’ll get just by improving this mind factor in your workouts!

bodybuilding motivation

The main lesson a bodybuilder should learn is of patience and pushing the limits. Keep working on, you will grow. Keep pushing your limits, go ahead and do that extra rep, squeeze your muscles, ignore the pain. Remember that pain is weakness leaving the body. Pain is temporary, pride is forever!

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