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Bidding adieu


There are places unknown in everyone’s lives. We venture out alone at times and tread on. But it is always advised to follow your role model. When it comes to following your role models, it is better to tiptoe the steps of your seniors. They prove to be the best idols in your career making. Having entered the final year of my engineering course, I too had to bid my seniors a farewell. A final farewell as they call it is the toughest part. The people you have been for the past three years, pestering them for petty things like what is the syllabus, which are the books and how well can we perform in a subject. It is not easy to control one’s feelings at that time when you see your seniors waving hands for their final goodbyes. Speaking from personal experiences, engineering is simply impossible to pursue if you do not have the right seniors to guide through the four important years of your life. They make the journey simpler and bearable.


The reminiscences of late night fun with seniors and getting yourself acquainted with them have a lot more than just ending up being a sycophant. It is true that saying goodbye is a heart rending thing to do and moreover saying good bye to the people whom you have known for more than a year is something you simply cannot imagine. They make the college worth living and what it can actually turn us. The farewell parties are always a mix of emotions for the seniors, juniors alike. Having laughed and smiled at the silliest jokes, there is always an air of lingering sadness that there are only a few days left with them. You will not be able to see them again until time and tide allows you to do so. We watch them holding up their tears and while they enjoy their last days in college, we put on a fake show of cheerfulness just to make sure we do not make them feel worse. Tears are shed no matter what.


To be frank about one’s feelings, I am seriously one of those emotional fools who cry their hearts out whenever they are upset. And for me, goodbyes are not good when you watch them leaving with the thought of never coming back. But there are always those moments to cherish and relive. There are snapshots and smiles. They reopen the book of memories. Having bid farewell to my seniors, I soon realized that my time is going to come within a swift year.


One of the popular customs in the college life is filling your seniors’ diaries and giving them yours. The thing sounded a little stupid before but on contemplating about it, we realize that it is not bad to get a few words of advice from our lovely seniors. Unlike those people who give their diaries just for the sake of it, one should take it as an opportunity to preserve the moments and cherish each other’s feelings. Praising them is a matter of art and I am strictly against writing all the good about your seniors. What I believe in is to write and share the moments, the memories which you want the other person to remember. I would be happy reading about them rather than having to read about my pros and appraisals.


The mentor system, as known in many cultures is popular in all the levels of education. The relationship between a senior and a junior is an essential element similar to other relationships in the society. In fact the most valuable resources for a student are not his books but his seniors. With very less information about the college life and if almost no interaction at all with their seniors, most of the students are misguided. They do not realize it until they are face to face with the harsh realities of their college life and their career front. Juniors should take a step forward in this regard. Their seniors at all times are ready to help. The biggest gain is felt during your training periods and placements, when good advice from seniors really comes in handy. Healthy and friendly relations must exist which will ultimately lead to a strong bonding between the seniors and the proteges. A  strong bond ensures that your life at college is in safe hands and before you land yourself in any trouble you will always be protected by your seniors. No matter the professors might irk you to hell, your friends and seniors are there to support you.

Some words of advice and other times their mere presence affect your life in college. I remember running to my seniors for every small hitch in the syllabus. Having entered the last year of my college life, I wonder whom I will be running to. Their farewell rings a bell in my ears that it is time to take up the world all on your own. You got to handle the teachers, their rebukes and you will have to decide on your own which books to refer to and what all to study. Life seems so tough sans the seniors.

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