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Best tips to be the BEST you!



Be the Best version of you!
Be the Best version of you!

I believe in performing at a peak level in all aspects of life. Be it fitness, work, hobbies or relationships; when we are happy from within, good results automatically show up. But they don’t just show up, we have to work! We need to have a perfect mental and physical balance to feel great. And it’s a process that takes time. So today, I’ll discuss a few habit/tips that will help you reach the next level. Remember- ‘The discomfort of discipline is always better than the pain of regret’. Here are the best tips to be the BEST you-

1. Be a morning person

It is the most serene part of the day. Best time to reflect on our core beliefs, goals and visions. Best time to meditate, read and exercise. After installing this habit, we’ll pull more time out of our days. Sadly, most of the youth today is accustomed to sleeping late and waking up after 10. This takes away the pleasure of the peak time of the day i.e. 5AM -8AM. Any habit takes 66 days to completely install. So, start waking up early and live your days to the fullest!

2. Pranayama

Simple but very powerful. You don’t need to sit for hours. 20 Minutes of simple pranayama everyday is enough. I prefer 5 minutes of Kapalbhati , then 1o minutes of Anulom Vilom, then 2 minutes of Brahmari followed by a short meditation. This habit is an absolute game-changer. It will keep you active and fresh through out the day. Just make sure you don’t eat or drink anything  30 Minutes before or after Pranayama.

3. Laughter Yoga

Laughter is one of the core essence of life. When we laugh, our body releases positive hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, and norepinephrine. Though, our bodies cannot distinguish between real and fake laughter. Laughter Yoga includes many playful techniques of laughing. Ten minutes of laughter yoga every day will keep you fresh and happy through out the day. Just make sure you don’t eat or drink anything  30 Minutes before or after Laughter yoga. Watch some videos on YouTube to learn it.

4. Keep a Journal

Keeping a Journal is a game-changing habit. Most peak performers keep a journal where they write down their worries, goals, beliefs and plans. When you write down your goals, they become more powerful. A journal is a great tool to clear our heads before sleeping. Also, we must use it to record gratitude. Gratitude gives a positive mindset as we count the blessings in our lives. A Journal enables us to have a direct communication with ourselves.

5. Drink more water

A hydrated body is an active body. Drink at least 10 glasses of water every day. It will release all the toxins from the body and keep you healthy and fit. It’s best to consume 1-2 glasses of water as you wake up. A great start to the day! Enough water will keep you away from diseases and keep you healthy. It is a great habit to keep a bottle of water with you all the time!

6. Get Fit like an athlete

Yes, Fitness is important. When you’re fit, you’re more productive and creative. Even, a daily 20 minute run will provide staggering results. Also, It’s a great idea to invest in a health club and work out for at least 5 days a week. Exercising will release positive hormones such as serotonin and keep you active.

7. Weekly Massage

One of the best ways to rejuvenate yourself. A massage is therapeutic in nature and will invigorate us. Many studies have proved that having a massage on a weekly basis keeps us healthy and fit. It’s a great idea to invest in frequent massages. It’s a heavenly experience and will leave you in utter delight.

8. Have a vision in life!

Someone said it right- ‘If you can’t find something to live for, find something you can die for’. The purpose of life is to have a life of purpose. We all have that one project- writing a book, becoming an artist or opening a charity, whatever- that keeps a staggering fire alive within us. So what is your life project?

9. The Big daily 5

I learned this from Robin Sharma. After you’re well aware of your core vision, everyday jot down 5 daily goals that you need to achieve. And then, do them! Small daily wins lead to enormous wins overtime. When you consistently achieve these 5 daily goals, soon you will be playing at the level of mastery. So write down your big 5 for the day. Now!

10. Plan your day

A well-planned routine is a great way to perform at peak levels. Record your day as you wake up or do it the night before. This way you’ll already fill your sub-conscious mind with the tasks you’re supposed to do. Set your day in advance and live it to the fullest. Cheers!













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