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The best part of your Salad: Cucumber


Ever since the ages cucumber has been known for the endless benefits it provides to the human beings. Whether you are tired after a long journey in the hot summer or whether you wish to make your food complete by adding a pep up salad, the best thing that is known for doing these work for you is cucumber. Before starting off to say anything in praise of the cucumbers, it is necessary to clarify a common misconception. Cucumber is a fruit. Yes, you have read it right. So do not be mistaken by thinking that you are consuming a vegetable when you are taking in the cucumber in your shopping bag. Just like every other fruit, the basic job of the cucumber is to rejuvenate your senses and make you feel good about everything.

Benefits of Cucumber


Hydrates your body

Cucumber is known to have a large quantity of water. It is said that about 96 percent of its composition is made up of water. It is known to rehydrate your body. So whenever you are tired and sweating out like a pig, you know what you need and what is the best for you. Grab a cucumber and eat it. The best part is that cucumbers are known to replenish the daily nutrients and the vitamins and minerals. Adding to your surprise, cucumber is a known source of vitamin C. It has about 10 percent of vitamin C content in it.

No more bad breath!

For all those who are struggling with the issue of bad breath, this is the one stop solution for you. Cucumber provides the much needed moisture to your mouth which helps in reducing the bad breath and keeps your mouth fresh. Why waste your time brushing ten times a day and using all sorts of mouth wash liquids, mouth fresheners and what not; when you have the natural solution waiting for you. Bad breath in the mouth is caused because of the bacteria present in the mouth. So take a piece of cucumber and press it against your tongue and wait for a minute. The phytochemicals present in cucumber will kill all the bacteria in the mean time.

Having a hangover?

Well, this is the worst part after having a good night. You end up getting up late with all sorts of body pain and headache and an endless list of uncomfortable issues. You can prevent a hangover by adding a bit of cucumber slices to your salad. If not, then just eat a cucumber before you hit the bed. The next morning you will be assured of a comfortable and fit start. The sugars, electrolytes and the vitamin B present in the cucumber helps to replenish all the body nutrients and rejuvenate the senses.

No digestive problems!

It is also very well known for the digestive properties. No wonder why it has been in use since ages as the best salad ingredient. Cucumbers help to aid in the digestion of food. If you eat a cucumber everyday, you will be assured of no more stomach issues and feel free to eat whatever you like the most. But yes, be in control anyway.

Weight loss

Cucumber has been linked with the weight loss techniques. It is often one of the ingredients in the diet of a weight loss chart. It has low calorie content which makes it the ideal choice for this purpose. Moreover, the high water content facilitates the body metabolism and thus helps in weight loss. So if you want to shed a few pounds, you know which fruit to opt for.


Cholesterol control

In addition to weight loss and other benefits, the most important health benefit of cucumber is that it helps you to control cholesterol levels. Moreover, they are also known for curing diabetes. It regulates the blood circulation in the body and keeps your blood pressure in check. This is one of the many reasons why you should look upto cucumber for all health solutions. The juice of cucumber has a hormone which is a much needed one for the pancreas and which helps in reducing the diabetes levels. The presence of potassium, fiber and minerals helps in regulating the blood flow and gives you a healthy blood pressure.

Skin Care

How often do we see in the commercials that young ladies put on cucumber on their faces? Well, that is because of the skin care benefits of this fruit. It helps to cure sunburns and also the marks on the body. There are various minerals and vitamins present in the cucumber which helps to keep away the toxins and also fights the toxins present in the skin pores. So not just for the eating purpose, you can use this fruit for the purpose of external application as well. How good a thing is that? Grab a cucumber and use it in many ways!

Hair care!

There is a good amount of silicon present in the cucumbers. This helps in making your hair strong and long. In addition to silicon, they also contain a good amount of sulphur. The presence of sulphur is known to stimulate the hair growth. Thus you know what the natural solution for your hair is!

food for hair

The benefits of cucumber are endless. So why not simply grab one and have a look at the changed lifestyle?

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