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Top Exercises for Biceps and Triceps


“Truthfully, this is how I approach my workout: I want to be the best athlete I can possibly be. If I can out-perform some of the better athletes then I’m happy. When I look at the NFL or the NBA, these guys look how I want to look – it’s useable, functional muscle.”- Channing Tatum

“I think if you exercise, your state of mind – my state of mind – is usually more at ease, ready for more mental challenges. Once I get the physical stuff out of the way it always seems like I have more calmness and better self-esteem”- Stone Gossard

Best exercises for Biceps

Top exercises for Biceps
Top exercises for Biceps

B0dybuilders are always intrigued by the size of their biceps. It is considered as one of the most important muscle by body builders. Biceps exercises are easy to do and intriguing. It is important to focus on the biceps, at least one day a week. Here is a list of the best exercises for biceps-

1. Standing Barbell Curl

Hold a barbell with both hands and stand straight. Face your palms outward. Now, slowly move the barbell up to your chin. Elbows should be sticking to the sides. Now, slowly get it down to the initial position. Do 10-15 repetitions in 3-4 sets. You can set and increase the weight accordingly.

2. Alternating Dumbbell curl

This is a mixture of a hammer curl and a standard curl. Stick the elbows to the sides. Your palm should be facing the body. Move the dumbbell up your chin and rotate it on the way. Your palms must face the chin. Now, get it back to the initial position (slowly). Repeat it 10-15 times in 3-4 sets. Set and increase weight accordingly.

3. Hammer Curl

Hold a dumbbell and stand still. Your palms must face your body. Elbows sticking to the sides, get your dumbbell around your shoulder (don’t let it touch the shoulder). Now, get it back down (again slowly). Just visualize using a hammer. This is where the name comes from! Do 10-15 reps in 3-4 sets. Set the weight accordingly and increase it when needed.

4. Concentration Curl

This exercise builds the upper bicep. Hold a dumbbell (in one hand) and sit on a bench or chair. Now, place your elbow on your inner thigh. Move the dumbbell down and then get it back up to touch your shoulders (very slowly). Inhale and exhale accordingly. Repeat it in 3-4 sets with 10-15 repetitions. It is better keep the weight down and increase your reps!

5. Chin ups

Easy but very effective. This exercise is good for the back as well. As the back becomes strong, biceps turn out to be more effective. You can do the close hand chin ups as well. They increase the pressure and the biceps grow stronger.

Top exercises for Triceps

Top exercises for triceps
Top exercises for triceps

Triceps is another important muscle for the body builders. Triceps is larger than biceps and therefore should be given the required time and efforts. At lease once a week, triceps exercises should be performed. Here is a list of the top exercises for triceps-

1. Pulley Pushdown

Grab the bar overhand from both sides. Keep the hands 3-5 inches apart from the index finger. Keep your feet at the distance of your shoulder length. Grab the bar making a 90 degree angle with the shoulders. Now, slowly lower the bar to touch your thighs. Repeat this process, slowly. Do 10-15 reps in 3-4 sets.

2. Lying Barbell Triceps extension

Lying on a bench, grab the barbell with an overhand grip. Keep the hand distance short. Now, let the barbell be parallel to your chest. Slowly, get it down to almost touch your forehead. Repeat the process very slowly. Keep the weight low and increase repetitions. Do 10-15 reps in at least 3 sets. One of the most effective exercises for triceps.

3. Standing Barbell triceps extension

Grab a Barbell and stand straight. Place the barbell above your head with an overhand way of holding. Get the barbell behind your back such that your elbows fully bend. Get the barbell back over your head. Repeat the process slowly. Do at least 10 reps in at least 3 sets. It is a very effective exercise.

4. One Dumbbell overhead triceps extension

Sit with your back straight, on a stool or bench. Now, grab a dumbbell with both hands. Let the dumbbell be behind your head and parallel to the floor. Slowly lower it such that your elbows bend fully. Now, get it back to the starting position (very slowly). Perform at least 10-15 reps in 3-4 sets. Simple but very effective.


And Remember- “Regularity in the hours of rising and retiring, perseverance in exercise, adaptation of dress to the variations of climate, simple and nutritious aliment, and temperance in all things are necessary branches of the regimen of health.”

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