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Six Best Doctors in the World


According to science, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. So if all these criteria are applied on every individual, no one turns out to be healthy. Because no one in this world is free of some physical constraint, stress and enemies. We cannot live healthy by science’s rule. What we can do is live close to it. There are countless physical, mental and social troubles a man can face, let alone all of them combined. However, most of them can be taken care of with the help of six doctors available to every person in the world. So why not include them in life if that means coming close to living healthy?

The first doctor is the one who welcomes us every morning, sunlight. Sunlight in winters is comfort, sunlight in summers is sweat (and sweating is good) and sunlight in summers and winters is Vitamin D. But that’s just the popular one. The lesser known benefits of sunlight include building up the immune system, as white blood cells increase with sun exposure. It also lowers the cholesterol level of a person by converting high cholesterol in the blood into steroid hormones which we need for reproduction. And like various antiseptic creams, sunlight too kills bad bacteria and helps disinfect and heal wounds.


The second doctor is the one misused by many, rest. There is a fine line between rest and laziness and those who know the difference make a difference. While rest helps you charge yourself up so you can be active and work efficiently, laziness helps accomplish the opposite. Relaxation reduces blood pressure, increases the blood flow to muscles and decreases muscle tension. As a result of all this many people experience more energy, better sleep, enhanced immunity and also increased concentration. Rests reduces stress too as taking time out after or in between of some workload helps take your mind off it.

The third doctor is the one we hate, exercise. Many people confuse exercise with working out in gym but there is a difference. Exercising in gym is workout while exercise on the other hand is any physical activity. From morning walk to playing a sport, any physical activity is exercise as it helps us keep in shape and fight off diseases. It helps control weight, combat health conditions and reduce risk of heart diseases. Exercise promotes better sleep, increases relaxation and getting sweaty increases cell production in hippocampus responsible for memory and learning, that is, exercise even sharpens memory.


The fourth doctor is the one we care least about, diet. Proper diet does not mean eating loads of healthy food, it means eating equal amount of everything. Junk food is advised to be avoided because it contains fat and only 20 to 35 percent of daily calories are required from fats. A diet low in fats, cholesterol and sodium can lower risk of heart disease. Dairy products like milk and cheese, green vegetables like broccoli and fruit juices are a good source of calcium, which keeps bones and teeth strong. Eliminating excess fats, sugars and refined carbohydrates from diet helps prevent blood sugar fluctuations.

The fifth doctor is the one we need to succeed in life, self-confidence. It is what separates extra-ordinary from the mediocre. In these times of competition, not only do you need to be talented but your body needs to convey it too. Self-confidence automatically improves the personality of a person and makes him stand out in any group. It helps you make new relations with strangers, enables you to make decisions independently and trust yourself, take criticism in a good way, improve your leadership, increase popularity and most of all, gain respect. A self-confident person is able to deal with life’s challenges and stay happy.

The sixth doctor is the one we all love, friends. No one experiences a bad time in life until they lose friends. They are the ones who light up the happy occasions, make the hard times bearable and make life look easy. Apart from family, friends are the first people we learn to love. Childhood friendship is hugely responsible for the way a person shapes up to be. It teaches a person the value of trust, dependability, loyalty and faith. Friends are the one who make all the great adventures of life possible or as Barney Stinson would say, whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it.


Troubles are not so troublesome once we allow these doctors to lead us through life. What we have to do is keep faith in them. There is no ultimate solution to eliminate troubles from life; they are as much a part of it as the human emotions. The most we can do is learn to deal with them and these doctors can do most of the dealing. Although no one can be scientifically healthy, we need not worry about it as long as we have them as a part of our daily life. Because some troubles are inflicted on us while some we inflict on ourselves. These doctors deal carefully with those inflicted upon us and the others can just be dealt by our carefulness.

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