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Benefits of being a literature student


There are a number of courses and graduation degrees in the world. Most of the people prefer commerce over arts courses and there is no second thought to it. And science courses are preferred over every damn thing in this world because of the notion that there is a lot of “scope” in future for science students. However, still there are some people who do not care a damn about such set notions and are ready to “risk” their careers or so do most of the peopound them feel, in order to pursue their passion for literature. It is no news that literature students are looked down upon by the engineering students and by a major part of the society. People generally have a notion that literature is taken by those who just have an inherent rebellion hidden inside them and are out there to create chaos in their “perfect” worlds. However, little do they realise that being a literature student helps one in ways that they cannot even imagine. It might not earn them a package of 10 lakhs at the end of graduation, but  they might end up writing a novel that could earn them royalty for seven future generations. Some of the benefits of being a literature student are as follows:

1. Improved writing skills

Improved writing skills

It is a common notion that literature students study grammar and vocabulary during the course of their graduation. And that definitely annoys every literature student like anything. What a literature student really learns over the course of graduation is how to write well. The innumerable paper presentations and asignments that one is made to write in these years, simply polishes the student’s writing abilities. It is said that practice makes a man perfect and this is exactly what happens with literature students. They are made to hone their writing skills in order to earn the few marks that they are given. At the end of one’s graduation, a literature student is capable of expressing his/her point of view in a much more better way than a non-literature student. They specialise in this field ggradually and themselves can notice the difference in their writing pre and post graduation.

2. Improved Reading Skills

Improved reading skills

For those of you who feel that this is an irrelevant point, need to think harder. Reading is an art and that art is learnt in a fantastic way by studying literature. As one is required to read novels the size of Oxford dictionary on a regular basis, one tends to improve the reading habits eventually. A literature student’s reading speed would be definitely more than a non-literature student. In addition to speed of reading, a literature student knows which areas to skim thorugh and which areas to read with a hawk’s eye. A student of literature knows how to divide a text into important and not-so-important sections. There are pages in a novel which are highly superfluous and need not be paid much attention to, this is one of the skills that a literature student develops over time. These improved reading skills prove to be of great help in future in various fields and spheres.

3. Improved Analytical Skills

Bull market

Ask any literature student what he/she does in a class, they would automatically say that they analyse the texts prescribed in their course. Literature does not expect you to learn the deatils of the novels and short stories. It rather demands great analytical skills on the part of the students. However, there are times when people feel that they are just over analysing the situation and there is nothing too deep into it. But, that happens not too frequently. The way a literature student can analyse a text helps him/her in analysing various issues outside their educational sphere, too. Due to the strong analytical skills, a literature student can analyse the social conditions, cultural norms as well as political functioning with a keen eye. This helps in building the overall personality of a student of literature and gives him/her an edge over their contemporaries.

4. Added Historical Knowledge



One of the major benefits of studying English literature is that one can enjoy various things under one course. As one reads a novel or poem, he/she is required to know the historical and cultural background of the age in which the text was written. Ask any literature student about French Revolution or Industrial Revolution, tehy would be able to lecture you on it like a professional degree holder in History. The different ages that one is expected to be aware of, adds feather to their hats of knowledge. Literature thus helps one in widening the horizons of knowledge to great lengths. It is not just restricted to pieces of fiction and non-fiction. It has a lot to deal with the zeitgeist of differnet ages and their cultural practices. This makes a literature student worldly wise as they know historical background of many countries and ages as well as they are capable of quoting various authors and philosophers to support their arguments. Studying literature, thereby inculcates a tremendous amount of sound intellec and rational thinking in an individual, which helps in his/her holistic growth.

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