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Benefits of coffee



Coffee is very beneficial stuff which can make you feel better. Additionally it boosts up your energy level. Not only this, consumption of coffee can also help in keeping you healthy. Coffee is enriched with anti-oxidants which can prevent the growth of many unwanted problems. Coffee provides you many small advantages, in fact it provides you great and good amount of advantages.

Coffee increases your stamina


On consumption of coffee, your energy level gets increased with a good amount. It reduces your workload stress and makes you feel relaxed. This is due to the presence of caffeine which is known as the stimulant element. Caffeine is not only consumed through coffee but is widely consumed through different sources like green tea etc. It is known as the psychoactive ingredients of different drinks. When you consume your coffee, caffeine gets absorbed in the blood stream and is transmitted in the brain section. There in the brain section, caffeine blocks Adenosine which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. And because of the other neurotransmitters gets increased by a good amount. The other neurotransmitters are norepinephrine and dopamine whose production gets increased and in turn boosts up the neurons firing. Many researchers say that coffee helps in maintaining the proper functioning of whole brain system. Not only maintenance, it also helps in improving various brain modes like reaction, energy, vigilance, memory etc.

Coffee helps in fat control


The presence of caffeine in the coffee ingredients enabled coffee to appear in the list of natural fat burning aids. If you want to settle your fat down naturally and without much efforts then you should go for coffee, it not only refreshes you but also helps in burning your extra fat revolving around in your body. It may amaze you that as per different studies, caffeine can increase the fat burning rate in your body by  around 10-29%. The percentage differs as per different type of people like obese or lean people. Along with this, it may also increase the metabolic rate of your body by around 3-11%.

Affects your performance


As you know due to the presence caffeine, fats get burned up at an increasing rate. But this is not enough; it also helps you in improving your performance. It stimulates the nervous system of your body by making more and more fat burning for more energy release. Because of this, the level of Epinphrine (a kind of adrenaline) in the blood gets increased and makes your body ready for more and more physical tasks or exertions. Epinphrine is also known as the “fight or fight”. The fats are oxidized into fatty acids and get dissolved in the blood. Thereafter these fatty acids on need get used up as energy source. Now you can say that it is beneficial to have a cup of coffee just few minutes before of any physical task.

Rich in different healthy nutrients


Coffee is not an ordinary energy booster drink, it is more than that. Coffee is rich in many healthy nutrients which makes it an ultimate drink. A single cup of coffee contains; vitamin B2 which is known as Riboflavin occupies around 11% of the RDA, vitamin B5 which is known as Pantothenic Acid occupies around 6% of the RDA, Manganese and Potassium occupies around 3% of the RDA and Magnesium and Niacin occupies around 2% of the RDA.

Lower down the Diabetes II risk


Well diabetes II is very common problem faced by people. It comes under the category of those gigantic health problems which is presently affecting more than 300 million people throughout the world. The whole diabetes II problem revolves around the insulin sensitivity. In many studies it has been proven that the coffee drinkers have reduced the diabetes II risk. It is also claimed that about 23-50% of the risk of diabetes II has been reduced in the individuals who are habitual of consuming coffee on daily basis.

Protection from Alzheimer’s diseases and Dementia

Alzheimer’s diseases mostly target those people who are above the age 65. And these diseases are still in research. No proper cure has been found out but at least you can avoid such happening by opting for healthy diet, doing exercises and consuming coffee. These measures can do great wonders. It was claimed that by coffee you can avoids the risk of such diseases by around 65%.

Protection from Parkinson’s diseases


Just like Alzheimer’s diseases, Parkinson’s diseases are also very common neurodegenerative diseases. The main reason of its occurrence is due to the damage or death of neurons responsible for producing dopamine in the brain. Again the coffee consumers are able to reduce the risk of these diseases by around 32-60%.

Has the power of lowering down the risk of cancer


Coffee has the power of lowering down the risk of some types of cancer which have created fear in everyone’s mind. Liver cancer is ranked at the third position of those diseases which are the most life taking diseases. Coffee seems to protect your body against the liver cancer cells. Colorectal cancer is ranked at the fourth position in the list of top life taking diseases. Coffee is again helpful in protecting your body against such disease.

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