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‘Belly Dance’ Up!


Today, a majority of people are suffering from weight issues. You want to lose weight but you do not want to hit the gym. This makes people try different different things, hoping to find something fun to do. Something that could help them lose weight and something that is fun. I think simple exercising is fun too. Some people are iron addicts after all. But, with this change in the ways the people want to adopt to lose weight, people are gravitated towards other forms of exercises. This change in the weight loss approach has led to the popularity of activities like Zumba, Pilates, Yoga and so on. People are trying so many new diets. The fruit diet, the cereal diet and some really weird diets involving worms and what not! I want to stress on the various health benefits of Belly dancing!

Belly dancing is a very old dance form. It involves articulation of the torso. It is also referred to as Oriental dance, Arabic dance, Egyptian dance or middle eastern dance. Belly dancing has a lot of forms and variations. The form depends from country to country and region to region. With time, the costumes have evolved as well and they make us women look so exotic and beautiful! Belly dancing focuses on the mid section. The movement of the muscles of hips and abdomen. Belly dance emphasizes on a correct posture. The various movements that we see in belly dancing are fluid movements, shimmies, shivers, vibration and percussion movements. Belly dance is known to strengthen the muscles of the womb as well.

Belly dancing has a lot of positive effects. Some of the physiological effects have been mentioned down, so, continue reading.

1) It helps in improving the circulation of blood.

As any other form of exercise, belly dancing works on the burning of calories, increases the intake of oxygen and improves the blood circulation. Belly dancing is so fun and it causes such a sweat! It doesn’t even feel like an exercise. It just feels like the process of learning something new and amazing. It makes us feel beautiful.

2) Increases the suppleness of the body.

Belly dancing is a good way learning how to control your body movements. By learning how to control them, we understand how to move them so as to make their movements look graceful and supple. These movements have a lot of positive effects. They relax the joints and help in reducing the pain that is experienced by arthritis patients. This dance has a lot of movements, some of them are slow and some of them are fast. Belly dancing is known to cure back pain.

3) It helps relax.

Belly dancing has a therapeutic effect on the mind and the soul. It helps in calming the mind. A lot of focus s required to learn this art. The constant movements, the swaying, the shimming- all this leads us to a state of dance meditation. For relaxing the mind, slow movements are practiced. If we want something that is fun and energetic, then we should practice dancing on fast percussion rhythm.

4) Makes us body confident.

It is no secret that belly dancing is a sensual art form. It makes us explore our bodies. Every muscle and every nerve. It makes us feel gorgeous from the inside. This dance form has a very positive feeling of freedom from sensual restraints. The slow and graceful movements make us want to explore our bodies even more. It has a very liberating effect. The dancer connects with her own like never before. When we feel great from inside, it is but obvious that our body confidence improves. The belly muscles are moved deliberately in such exotic ways. It just makes everything else a blur. It leaves just you: soul and body.

5) It relaxes the mother to be.

Belly dance focuses on the hips and the belly. Now, this art of belly dance is turned into a prenatal exercise. Some movements like circular movements are good for childbirth. The dance form also helps the mother connect with her unborn child. Belly dancing has often been linked with fertility and birth customs.

Belly dancing has so many positive effects that it is difficult to enumerate all of them. It is a form that releases creative energy. Most of the women who take up belly dancing say that now they feel more confident and beautiful. Belly dancing opens a different world. Belly dancing makes women feel amazing. Now, they are even more communicative and positive in their personal relationships. The energy just flows from one aspect of life to another. The body is given a proper and graceful form of expression. Women become poised after picking up this beautiful dance form. The costumes are just so mesmerizing! The shiny, floating material, the beautiful beads. The costume looks so delicate, feminine and exotic. Belly dancing is like a positive way of light that permeates through the entire being of a person. Belly dancing also helps in reducing premenstrual stress. This exotic dance form has been linked in a divine way with the body and the soul.

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