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Believe in Yourself


“Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.”

  –   William James

What happens to us or what has happened to us be it good or bad, the only person responsible for that be it directly or indirectly is ourselves. We cannot blame it on fate, destiny or even god.

Who knows if there is actually someone watching on us or no from atop the heavens, who even knows that heaven exists. These concepts have never been proven and are purely based on the writings that have been written by people ages ago and since then this concept has continued.
Well, there might be something like a superpower, a force that is above us and is governing us but again that is only a theory. All the arguments on this point are based completely on if’s and buts. There is no substantial proof to support such statements but yet there are a number of people who blindly, without any sense of reason follow their so called religion and try to seek solace but praying to the almighty.

They blame him if something goes wrong and also sometimes give him credit for their happiness. But the truth is whatever that has happened to them is purely because of their deeds. No one from the heavens in particular came and told them to do something, they did what they thought was right and  in the end the result of that deed will be put in front of them.
There is no point in giving someone else the credit for your work and also in the same way no point in blaming someone for the misery that has been brought upon you. You and only you are responsible for yourself. That is why it is said that belief in oneself is of uttermost importance, without believing in yourself there is no reason in your life, your vision is hazy and your dreams are shaky.

I cannot even begin to describe the importance of believing in yourself. A person with complete faith in himself/herself is said to have even “God” on his side.

What is god? or Who is god? We do not have the answer to that question and also have enough proof to deny his existence. If we tell it simpler terms God is a name that man has created as a hope to cling onto when things go out of control in life or as something to which he does not have his answers yet. It is something created by human beings as an idol to look upto who gives us strength and guidance.
It can be even said that it is purely the imagination of ones mind.

There are certain things in life to which we human beings have not yet found the answer to. To each and every mystery science unravels there a another question which pops out that remains unanswered. To things that we do not have answers to or to things to which we cannot explain the phenomenon are said to be the doings of the almighty or God.


For example Centuries ago it was said by the church and the holy priest that the earth was flat and men would fall off if they were to venture beyond that point. The fear of death arose in the many which overtook their doubts on the church and they all started believing that it was true that the earth was flat but no one ever dared to go and check out for themselves whether it was actually true or not. It is because they did not believe in themselves, they had already surrendered to the fear and belief was totally lost.

But everyone did not think the same way. There was one man who through his journeys proved all this myths completely wrong, his name was Christopher Columbus. How was he able to go beyond the fear which had grasped everyone so tightly. It was because he believed in himself and was also resolute in his belief.

So when and where science has failed to answer the term God is used as a shield to protect human beings from their ignorance. It is not the right way. Just because somebody tells us that a particular point is true just because ” God ” said it then the whole point in believing yourself is a complete waste of time.
Even for the people who do have faith in the almighty say that ” God helps those whose helps themselves”, what does this mean, only if you are resolute in what you want to do and have complete belief in yourself then only you will succeed in the task you plan to do else not even god will come to your aid.

There was a philosopher named Bertrand Russell in the 1900’s who had an interesting theory on the existence of god. He said that if he were to suggest that a teapot is going around the sun in between earth and mars in an elliptical orbit there would be no one who could disprove his statement but people would, without even looking would consider him insane and crazy.
But if the same thing were to be taught to the children in the church every Sunday morning, there would come a time that people without even looking would start to believe that there actually is a teapot between the earth and mars.

All we need to do is throw aside our ignorance and start to think a little more maturely. Not to blame anyone for our mistake and also not to give credit to ” God ” for the success we achieve. Everything that you do in life is because of the hard work and dedication you put into it and most important of all the belief that you have in yourself.

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

–   Norman Vincent Peale

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