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Believe in Goodwill


“I just believe in the goodwill of people, the power of people to do something positive.”

There are optimists and there are pessimists. Both, the people who take everything in their stride and always find the brighter side of things, and those who manage to find flaws and negativity everywhere exist around us. There are people who believe that no matter what good you do no good returns you way. But then there are also people who believe that doing good in itself provides a mental pleasure and you do not need or look for anything else to make you feel better.

I try belonging to the latter lot. I try to believe in goodwill. If I do a simple act of kindness today, no matter how little it is but if I can draw happiness from it then I have somewhere served the purpose of being in this place, in this world. If I help an old lady cross a busy street or look at a child with the most genuine smile I have got then I have done something good, something I can feel virtuous about. And that naturally reflects on my mental health.

Peace, serenity, tranquillity and bliss, these things don’t come when you see something exceptionally beautiful or achieve something huge but they all come from our inner self. From our actions and our deeds and what we think about them. And goodwill does a great deal in improving your mental health and ultimately turning you into a happier being. And we all just want to be happy isn’t it?

believe in goodwill

What is goodwill anyway? Benevolence, kindness, compassion and goodness, all these idiosyncrasies of a person refer to his goodwill. As I already said, few people believe in this while others don’t. And as a simple result we see people who are unbelievably kind and those who are simply not. What we need to realize is that a simple act of kindness always goes a long way. Your one little smile may help somebody get through a difficult day. Or your one plain act of gratitude might restore somebody’s faith in humanity and goodwill. But more than anybody else, it does you good, in nurturing positive thoughts in your mind and creating a healthy mind.

We know that a healthy mind also leads to a healthy body. A healthy mind helps us sleep better and get proper rest for our body. It keeps you away from depression, anxiety or unnecessary worrying. It helps in forming healthy and happy relationships with people around us. And also leads to a greater sense of wellbeing. As much as a healthy lifestyle and adequate care is required for this, a positive outlook, a belief in kindness and goodwill also goes long way while creating a healthy mind for you.

believe in goodwill 2

This is why I believe in goodwill. And it’s not that I am selfish and just because I want a healthier mind and body for myself, but also I like to spread some kindness. Because seeing other people happy gives a different kind of joy in itself. And when you know that you are the reason behind their happiness then what can be better than that.

Maybe there is also a thing called Karma. At least I believe there is. And what goes around ultimately comes back around. So for that reason also one should believe in goodwill. If you be a good person causing no harm to anyone then someday, just someday you will receive rewards for that. But if you aim on climbing the ladder of success and glory by crushing other people’s dreams and happiness then someday god will get even with you. Someday karma will take its toll and you will have to pay for all the sins you knowingly or unwittingly committed. Whereas a person with goodwill need not worry or give a damn about any such thing ever.

In order to nurture a good mental health there are few very basic steps. Developing a hobby or a way to channelize your energy and expressing your emotions is one way. Improving our social relations by being more open to the idea of affection and care is another one. One shall always do their best in maintaining the important relations in their life while also trying to create new bonds. But then I think the easiest way is by believing in goodwill.

think, do, be positive

One shall always cultivate positive emotions. Focus on the things in their life which they can feel good and happy about, the things which can provide contentment and peacefulness. Not only will this help in nourishing a goodwill but it will also suppress your ill-will. While believing in goodwill it also becomes very crucial to protect oneself from ill-well. Even when the world mistreats you or doesn’t care to appreciate your kindness, one should continue to be kind. When felt like being mistreated one should bring compassion to them and try keeping their mind free from inner hate. This will keep your mind in a healthy state no matter how unfavourable the situations may become. And nevertheless it will create your goodwill.

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