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Beetroot Makes your Salad Complete


Beetroot is a vegetable that was discovered by the Roman many years ago. It belongs to the family of spinach and is a vegetable which you include in your salad and complete your daily meal. Beetroots are very popular in the European continent. The Germans prefer having beetroot in their daily meals and have various beetroot recipes which can be mouth watering on most occasions. A soup called borscht is a popular part of the German cuisine. Beetroots are very rich in vitamins, minerals, iron, manganese, good source of fiber and the optimum source of folic acid. They can be cooked in the same way like the spinach. Beetroot has a high sugar content due to which it can be eaten both raw and also cooked. It is of purple color and at times it can also be in golden color! The benefits of adding beetroot in your daily diet are many. Here is a look at few of them:

Nutritional Value

Beetroot, whether eaten raw or cooked, dry or in juice form, they are very rich in nutrients contents and are very healthy foods. They are the natural antioxidants having flavonoid and cartenoids. They destroy the free radicals in body and protect you from premature aging. It helps you look younger and is an anti aging food. Amino acids are also found in this vegetable. High contents of minerals like potassium, sodium, manganese, calcium, selenium, phosphorus, zinc and copper are found in beetroot. There are no reasons why you should be avoiding these! Beetroots are rich sources of vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and also ideal sources of folic acid which make it highly nutritious.


Keeps your weight in check

Beetroots are low calorie foods and have high fiber content. These fibers help in fighting the body fats and thus are a very important part of most weight loss diets. It removes the excess water from the body. Beetroots help in maintaining the metabolism rate of the body and the beneficiaries of this are usually the obese people.

Keeps your liver healthy

The glycine, betaine and methionine are some of the ingredients present in beetroot. These facilitate and initiate the detoxification of liver cells and result in formation of new liver cells and this helps in maintain a healthy liver. Alcohol consumption results in fat depositions which can be fatal for your liver. Beetroots fight against these fat depositions. It makes the liver and bile ducts healthier which make your digestive system strong and help in smooth functioning of your body.

No hypertension

Beetroot helps you in regulating your blood pressure levels. The impacts are so instant that your blood pressure reduces within an hour of consumption. So this is some good news for the high blood pressure patients. This healthy blood pressure keeps you away from the cardiovascular problems, especially heart attacks and strokes. Rich in nitrate content is another factor which helps beetroot to protect you from the strokes. Nitrate gets oxidized the moment it gets in contact with the blood. This results in the formation of nitric acid. As a result of this nitric acid, the blood vessels get enlarged and thus there in no blockage in the blood flow and blood runs through your body easily and efficiently minimizing the risk of strokes and attack.

Bone strength

Beetroots are a good source of silica which facilitates the absorption of calcium in our body. This helps in strengthening the bones and provides a strong skeletal base for the human body. Vitamin C and the folates also help in this action of silica and help in baking the bones strong. Consumption of beetroot in your daily diet protects you from bone disorders like the osteoporosis.

Gives you a younger look

The high anti-oxidant content helps prevent cell and DNA damage and removes and aging free radicals. Beetroots are very sources of antioxidants and contain beta-cyanine which has anti-aging properties. It also helps in reduction of the bad cholesterol to keep your body vibrant and gives a glowing skin.

No Risk of cancer

Just like all other antioxidants, beetroots also help you to reduce the risk of getting affected by cancer. The detoxifying nature of beetroot is the major reason or this prevention from cancer. The Betanin in beetroot is highly efficient in fighting both skin cancer and liver tumors.

Boosts Your Stamina

Beetroots create healthy red blood cells which maximize the oxygen content of blood which results in improving your stamina and gives physical endurance. Muscle tension, stress and anxiety which are often linked with physical activities are controlled by beetroot because of its rich magnesium contents.


The benefits of using beetroot are endless. But you must be careful; do not over consume beetroot as it may cause beeturia, a disease which results in pink colored urine. Consume sensibly, a beetroot a day can keep the doctor away. There are various other foods which make you healthy and protect you from diseases like cancers and strokes but the ease of availability is always a concern. But beetroot being an abundant and easily available vegetable is the right choice to keep you healthy in an efficient manner. No wonder why beetroot is regarded as the super food!

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