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We have a long list of cures to cure any sort of skin problems, from cosmetics to home remedies. But the thing that accompanies with the remedies is “use it for a month or 15 days” what about the instant relief that one seeks just after a Cosmo catastrophe has met you. We have first aid for many wounds and ailments but here are some skin related first aids,

Tips to be kept in mind:
– Lather the cleansing foam until it is thick and creamy, and then use it to gently cleanse the face. Do not scrub, as it will damage the skin. The foam will act as a cushion and collect dust and impurities from the skin.

-Avoid using a moisturizer that is heavy based this will clog the pores of your skin and will also attract dust and grease therefore use a light non greasy moisturizer.
– Be beautiful from the “inside” by paying special attention to food. Opt for healthy, natural and light options like salads and take vitamin and mineral supplements.
– After cleansing, use a toner. This will replenish the moisture in your skin and make it supple and soft. A smart way of using the toner is to take several cotton pads and soak them in the toner. Place the cotton pads on dry areas like a mask for 10 minutes.
– Apply sandalwood paste on pimples, acne, rash and heat boils. If there is a rash, mix sandalwood paste with a little rose water and apply on the affected area. Wash it off with plain water after 20 minutes. You can also use talcum powder containing sandalwood for conditions like prickly heat or body rash.

Prevent it: for the face use a good quality sunscreen preferably SPf 30 or more. Apply a sunscreen lotion at least 15 to 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun; this will help the skin absorb lotion. Use garments such as scarves for the body, wear full sleeved clothing to avoid direct contact with UV rays.

When skin is burnt, it is inflamed it is very important to cool it down, the best way is to take a cool shower or soak a towel in cold water and place it on the affected area. Use whitening serums and moisturizers. You can also apply ice pack but applying too much ice can also cause a dead sensation in your skin. The idea is to cool down your skin without making it too dry. Wash it will cold water and apply a cooling serum to get rid of sunburns and sun darkening due to UV rays.

Summer rash:

Prevent it: sweat makes the skin mist especially during humid weather conditions, and attracts dust and pollution to your skin which block your sebaceous glands and cause summer rashes.

In such a condition never ever scratch your skin; this will further worsen the condition. Use a good quality powder in order to prevent too much sweating. Keep your skin clean. Whenever your skin gets too moist and you are outdoors use a cleanser and swipe off your sweat with a wet tissue. Also keep cotton pads handy to blot any sort of impurity that clogs your skin. Also use a soap that has cooling agents to help you get instant relief from rashes. Washing off and cleaning will also help you get rid of the itching sensation you get from these rashes.



Acne is the direct result of dehydration of your skin due to sweating and bacteria is the direct result of of sweat and the final result, acne. Change the way you clean your skin, the idea is to remove the sebum from your skin and yet not take away the moisture of your facial skin. Clean your face, use a toner and then moisturize properly. Take good amount of sleep and eat healthy. Avoid food with too much fat content. The idea is to eat well but healthy. Detoxify yourself once in a month. Also for intant relieaf try cleaning and then cooling down the area. Bacteria can’t grow in a cold atmosphere so keep the skin cool so that bacteria don’t grow.

Dry skin:

Too much scrubbing of the skin can cause dryness which damages the uppermost layer of your skin. We often use a lot of soap to get rid of the excessive oil and sweat that is common during the summers. This causes dry skin. The solution is to hydrate the skin in the right way. Always use a toner before applying the moisturizer. Moisturize the skin each time you use a face wash or soap. Drink a lot of water this will keep your skin hydrated from within. Therefore moisturize for external hydration and drink water for the internal benefits

Uneven skin tone:

The reason can be multiple, decrease in blood pressure and hemoglobin in blood can affect the area around the eyes making them appear darker. Moisturization, sun protection and facial massage can help get rid of uneven skin tone. Use cooled tea bags to get rid of under eye dark circles.

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