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What is Beauty?


“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

–  Ashley Smith

What is beauty? It can be found in anything around us. It maybe the beauty of nature or the beauty found in a person. it depends on how we see it. Everything around us is beautiful if we try to find the beauty in it.  Beauty doesn’t necessarily mean the physical attractiveness you have towards somebody.

Everything around us has beauty but not everyone is able to see the beauty in it. It is something which cannot be expressed nor can it be captured in a picture it can just been seen and felt during that moment.

There are some people who find beauty in unusual things like just sitting by the window. If something looks beautiful to one person it doesn’t necessarily mean that the others too have to see it as beautiful. Beauty is found in different things and it varies from person to person as to what he/she finds beauty in.

Beauty can be found in those little things that matter to us and give the happiness we could never get from anywhere. People just need to find the beauty in it. It is something that will never change with time it will always remain the same but it all depends on the person and his perspective towards life and the things he/she is involved in or with.

We are surrounded my many things and people around us. There are some things which look terrible and in complete misery. There are some people in this world who not only want to cause harm to others but also break them down. We must live our life by not thinking about such people and look around for things that makes us happy. We must try to ignore such things in life as they effect us a lot if we are focused on it rather than the happy and beautiful things going on around us.

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People should seek for beauty rather than just waiting for it to come around. It is something that can even be seen with closed eyes.

The essence of beauty or what beauty is can be portrayed through this poem. It’ll tell you about the beauty which you will find in your life and it includes all the things, be it small or huge that matters to us and what we every time see in our daily routine life.


What  is  beauty…



The bright sunshine

Or the beautiful morning time

They  all  comprise  of  beauty


The water that flows in the river

Or the pearls in the ocean that glitter

They  all  comprise  of  beauty


The stillness of a lake

Or the cold feel of a snow flake

They  all  comprise  of  beauty


The pleasant feeling of a cool breeze

Or the dew on the leaf of the tree

They  all  comprise  of  beauty


The birds above chirruping

Or the ants below working

They  all  comprise  of  beauty


The amazing world that we see

Or anything that makes our heart glee

They  all  comprise  of  beauty


A good hearted person

Or a good looking someone

They  all  comprise  of  beauty


The memory of a person that makes you smile

Or the person you’ve known for a while

They  all  comprise  of  beauty


The love from your sweetheart

Or the support of your parents from the start

They  all  comprise  of  beauty


The heavenly feeling of the stars

Or the closeness of someone that is far

They  all  comprise  of  beauty


The dreams that we have in our sleep

Or the happiness that makes us weep

They  all  comprise  of  beauty

It is not hard for us to find beauty. Beauty can be found easily but seeing it properly is something we must do. We are entirely surrounded by beauty if we see it.

Beauty is also something that will not only seen by us in our conscious state but it can also be found in our sub conscious state. The dreams we have are sometimes the most beautiful things that could ever happen to us.

We need to see around and seek beauty in things and people for that is something that will make us happy and if we stay happy we also tend to keep the others around us happy.

Beauty is something that will stay for eternity and will never fade out. If it does fade out then it isn’t called beauty.

We need to change the way we see things, there are many beautiful things that can be seen then. It can be anyone or anything all we need is to see properly.


“When god shows off with his creativity

  That is what is called beauty.”

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