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Be the Beautiful You



A nerd in a nerdy group can turn out to be an average guy, meanwhile a bad ass guy in a funky group may be innocent in reality. They are not trying to change, they are just pretending to be someone else so as to be a better part of the group. Everybody wants to be wanted in a group, to be a lively part of it and to do so, some people are willing to disguise their true personality and live as others like them. God needs to send them a sign telling them that however they are, they are beautiful.

Left Out

‘Fake’, the word could once only be associated with goods, now it is more so with people. There is nothing wrong with having bad qualities – everybody has some – but it’s wrong to hide them from others. They don’t make you a better person but they make you a person you are. It’s better to let people have low expectations from you than to fail their high expectations. Having low expectations would at most make you less wanted, but disappointing them would force them to turn their back on you. So why risk being alone when you can still have friends being bad? They may well be able to open up to you, aware of the quality they have to look out for.

However, once you are a part of any group, it is bound to influence you. No matter how you are – good or bad – your nature is eventually going to become similar to your group’s. The only part fake-ness will play is provide a betrayal to others. Hence it is better to be natural, equipped with your bad qualities because sooner or later, your group is either going to make you better or worse and those bad qualities may not remain a part of you for long. And for the time they are, trust your group to bear with them and instead of being a perfection in the group, be just another member in it.

Allow people to know you, to see through you. Neither keep away you good habits nor your bad ones. Once they know the real you, you wouldn’t find the need to shy away from your bad side. And since like attracts like, after opening up you will discover yourself in the company of others just like you. Showcasing your bad side doesn’t make you a bad person and showcasing your good side doesn’t make you a show-off. They just complete the parcel you are packed with. And even if you have a lot of bad habits – no one is bad enough not to deserve a company, just the quality of company changes. Being with parallel company allows you to be yourself, be comfortable and satisfied with it and again, there is no dearth of friends. However, once you start pretending to be someone else so as to attract others, you are left friendless. The people around are friends with your acting. No body is perfect so even acting to be perfect classifies you as fake.

There are groups of saints as well as groups of smokers, so no matter whether you are the best or worst, you are not going to be alone. Just trust yourself that you are best in your own nature and not in someone’s copy. People will like the fake you, but once they see through, they will detest you. And believe me – everybody manages to see through. Contrariwise, be the real you and you will have the fun make-believe you couldn’t have dreamt of. It is always easy to be in your natural state, no pressure to act good, no friends to please. Just make yourself happy and others will be happy with you. You are beautiful the way you are, show others your beauty and not your features. They will get tired of your features but a thing of beauty is a joy forever. Others will love to be around you and your company will never cease into nothing.

See through

In case it is your company that you are tired of, remember: Like attracts like. Your company is the reflection of your own nature and if you are unhappy with it, it’s you who needs to change. And not pretend that you have change because it will get you a better company but you will still be worthy of that last one only. In order to be in a better company, you need to improve yourself to it’s standard. That will be when others will begin to like you and having you between them. Improving yourself will improve your company, your nature and your beauty.

This is the mantra to attain a peaceful state of mind. Don’t be ashamed of what you really are no matter how bad it is. And don’t be afraid of showing it to others. They might not like you with all the bad habits but they will hate you if you have them all and still pretend to be an angel. No one can be better you than you yourself, so why waste it being someone else. So be the selfish person you are, the arrogant guy you have always been, have the attitude you always carried, feel the superiority complex that has always been there, because as long as it is real you, it is beautiful.


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