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Ayurvedic for Stress Relief


The world is getting more and more competitive and in the pursuit of better performance, the trend of the age is to feel “stressed”. Stress is something we are all caught in the grip of. We may have tried many remedies, followed quite a few tips but it seems to not stop. How do we beat stress? Perhaps, there’s one cool choice the pulp it out. Any guesses? Ayurvedics. Yes, this traditional method of healing discovered in the sub-continent is one of the most efficient ways to tackle stress and provide you with immense relief and rejuvenate your mind under the pressure and turmoil of your everyday work-life.

Ayurveda originated in the Indian subcontinent ages ago as described in the Vedas. It’s the blend of medicinal herbs, human emotions and traditional method of diagnosis that makes Ayurvedics so significant as far as the West that even foreigners nowadays resort to Ayurveda, yoga and meditation to maintain personal health. Ayurveda has spread its value across international borders that it is of die importance that we know more about the benefits Ayurveda has to offer and how it plays a vital role as a stress-buster.


Ayurvedics uses herbs with medicinal properties as a powerful tool to fight off uneasiness and other symptoms. The main concept of Ayurveda is that it believes that all our body elements are nothing but products of the fundamental particles of nature and any imbalance in any of these elements will result in uneasiness which however, can effectively be cured by using the very elements of nature, namely herbs. One key feature is the subtle approach in the form of light and very effective head and body massages with medicinal oil. This relieves the body from the state of stress by relaxing the brain and other body organs. It cuts you off from the normal world for a while as you sit in meditation. It acts to improve the cognitive functioning of your brain and other vital organs, increases your concentration power with which you can now have a much quicker and efficient response to varying situations. It brings our emotions to control and at the same, most importantly, increases the productivity of our work.

There are many herbs of significance in the Ayurveda industry as remedied by professional practitioners. ‘Pushpi’, ‘Vacha’, ‘Amalaki’ and ‘Guduchi’ are some known herbs proven to be stress busters. The most important among this class are anti-anxiety agents like ‘Brahmi ‘and ‘Ashwagandha’ that neutralize the feeling of stress and tension. The two provide perfect balance by maintaining the brain in a very relaxed state and improves our thought process and letting go of irritation. Some of these can even be grounded and added to milk which provides for a relief providing drink.


As many of you have read, Kerala is the land of Ayurveda since ancient times. Ayurveda has evolved from its highly primitive form modern day stage through series of practices, research and contributions from dedicated Ayurveda doctors. Kerala has immense biodiversity resulting in a wide variety of herbs that can be used in the cure of a wide range of illness that too with immediate results. One can also witness trained specialists called “Vaidyars” treating people using the techniques of Ayurveda. The state has dedicated Ayurveda centres distributed all over and caters to a large number of people who come down every year for a relishing experience. Ayurvedics has also given a boost to tourism industry with a large number of Westners coming down to appreciate its value.

Some very famous Ayurveda centers in Kerala are the Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort and the Kairali Ayurvedic Health Village. The former is located near Kovalam beach, Trivandrum in serene greenery; this was the world’s first Ayurveda resort. The latter is situated in Palakkad district in the beautiful Western Ghats. Some other famous destinations are located in Goa such as ‘Devaaya’. It provides an enriching experience both for the mind and soul and also one can have a long lasting effect.

ayurveda 3

The main advantage of Ayurveda treatment is that it is free from side effects unlike the allopathic treatment. Of late, it has been revealed that some Ayurvedic practices do include the use of chemicals like arsenic, mercury which are toxic substances but they are used in amounts that are not fatal. Also, Ayurvedic medicines are free from steroids and stuff and hence they do not cause any recurring ailments or any other negative impacts. Also, they provide a lot of comfort at the same time. All in all, Ayurveda is becoming more and more popular among the masses because of its natural approach and less side effects.

Hence it would be a wise decision to go for Ayurveda to manage your stress. Also a trip to famous centers as in Kerala and Goa would be a wonderful vacation to enjoy and at the same time, a great opportunity to delve your mind in peace forgetting all the tension and anxiety that’s been pulling you down. Ayurveda surely would be a perfect harmony for mind and soul clubbed with long term benefits and no negative impacts. So book your tickets now!

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