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Attachment with pets.


We love a lot of people around us. But is the love that we have only limited to the people? No it is not. We see this kind of love and attachment not only towards people but also towards animals. We find ourselves very attached to them and this attachment only continues to get stronger with time.

The animals too feel equally attached to you and are able to sense your feelings. They know when you are happy, when you are sad and they also know when you feel lonely. They are always there to comfort you no matter what. It’s just by their presence you feel good and start to forget your problems for the time being. They not only comfort you but also protect you from any danger. They risk their lives for you and go to any extent just to make sure that you stay out of harm’s way.

Woman Rubbing Noses with Puppy

Talking about the attachment with animals here is a short story that will relate to this beautifully.


It was the 16th of April, 2013. Max was sitting on his couch with his friends and discussing about the upcoming events of college. He was feeling quite happy, as on that very day their college results had come out and he had passed with good grades. So everything was going good for him. Just then his room door opened and a couple of his friends entered with a cute little 2-month old German shepherd. When max saw it he felt even happier as he always wanted a dog, because of his love towards animals. His friends told him to take proper care of it as it was feeling very scared and was still very young. They said it was everyone’s responsibility to take care of it.

Then a question pooped into Max’s head as to what do we name her. He put the name Lexus on the table and everyone agreed. Lexus used to live with Max and his friends in their hostel room and it would spend most of the sleeping and fooling around. They would take her for regular walks and no matter what one person would always be there with her. Max though was the only one who would fool around with her a lot and even Lexus wouldn’t hold back. He started to have an attachment towards Lexus and it was same the other way. 

Every night Max used to take Lexus for a walk in their campus. There were also street dogs present during the night time and Lexus even though she was a little puppy wouldn’t be afraid to confront them. As they proceeded for the walk Max let go of the leash so that Lexus could roam freely and go wherever it wanted to go. Lexus started approaching the other dogs and tried to bark and scare them but the bark wasn’t scary enough. The other dogs started barking back at Lexus so it came back running towards max and jumped on his lap and just stayed there for a little time. Max slowly whispered into its ear that everything was okay and it was safe and then he kept his hand on its head. There was a little moment that was created there between the two. Max felt a kind of attachment towards Lexus.

As time passed by Lexus started to grow and it was no longer possible to keep her at the hostel room as the German shepherd was an active breed and it is not a house dog. So he and his friends decided that they would take turns and keep it at their house where it would be properly taken care of. But as luck would have it Max’s family said that keeping pets was not allowed at their house and he couldn’t bring Lexus to his house. His heart sank on hearing this, he tried his best to convince them but they did not agree.

As he couldn’t get Lexus at his place he used to find time and go meet her everyday and play with it for an hour or so at his friends place. 

Lexus had turned 6 months old and she was already looking deadly. So then one of my friend suggested that we move Lexus to his farm in the outskirts of the city where his people would take care of her daily needs and she would have ample space to live its life. Everyone agreed as they had no other option and this was the best for them as well as Lexus. Max and his friends made a point to go and visit Lexus as much as possible and would also spend a lot of time with her on the farm. 

They would go there and Lexus would be extremely happy to see them and would be so very excited in their presence. Max was the only one who played fearlessly with Lexus and there was one who was also quite attached to her but still was a little afraid to approach her. We thought that wit time he would overcome his fear and play with Lexus.

Max was so glad that Lexus was staying there and was happy for her but he still felt that Lexus should be staying with them rather than so far away. So he had his friends decided to get her back from the farm and keep it at their place.

The day before they were going to pick up Lexus Max’s friend got a call from the people on in his farm that Lexus had disappeared from the farm and had not returned for 3 days. As soon as Max got the news he started to worry a lot and wondered if she was okay.

Max along with his friend immediately left for the farm on the way he was just hoping that she comes back to the farm, comes back to them. 

They reached the farm and firstly talked to the people working on the farm. They said that they used to remove the leash and would let Lexus go for a walk alone and she would return back after 2 or 3 hours. But apparently on that day it so happened that Lexus did not turn up. So they decided to inform them.

Max and his friends then started searching for Lexus all around the farm and also in the neighboring farms. They kept searching until it got dark. They then went to the nearby industries to ask about her and told them to inform them if they get any news about Lexus. They also asked the animal authority people to help them find her. Feeling dejected they reluctantly left the farm and came back home. They used to wait for the call hoping that they would get some good news and would finally get their Lexus back.

It’s been a year since this incident and Max has not yet given up on the hope that Lexus will come back to him. He just wishes that wherever Lexus is it is in good health. He still waits everyday for any news about her and will never give up on the fact that Lexus will come back to him.



Relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be with humans only. You can feel an attachment even towards animals and also sometimes feel sad and alone when they are not in your life. It all depends on the level of attachment you have towards them. Though it is an animal, you feel depressed if it goes missing or when you lose it.

Being in a relationship with anyone you need to inculcate yourself with a sense of responsibility and must understand that it is very important for you to value that.



“You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.”

– Epicurus

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