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Ask for What you want!


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Many of us fail many times and get disappointed just because we don’t ask for what we want. We usually assume many things and left them unasked or unsaid which is reason for failure most of the time. You got to ask what you desire for and what you want. You never really know what the outcome may turn out to. We always keep thinking negative about our outcomes and in that fear we don’t ask for but it may turn out to be positive also. It is so weird that we fear our self before knowing the outcome just by assuming so many things which actually may not happen and turn out pretty well with us but we choose to ignore the positive sides and always cling on to stuffs which make us low.

Sad thing isn’t it? Asking is the most powerful weapon to your entry of success. If you don’t ask for the thing you want how you will achieve your desired aim and goal? Though it is important many of them hold this as their set back. Many people tend to hold their self-back by not asking for the desired information, assistance, guidance, support, money, time, etc. that helps you to fulfill your dreams which may come true just by asking for it but many of us don’t. When we were student we used to fear to ask doubts in front of all thinking about how stupid it may sound to others or we didn’t answer the question asked by a teacher even though it was correct. Just because we felt it may be guilty if we tend to answer wrong or others will make fun of us, but when the same answer is given by someone else you seem to find out your answer was right instead. Now when we work we often fear to ask our head for a rise or promotion.



There always two sides either it will be in your favor or not. Why not give a try to it? Failure will help you raise more and success will obviously take you to the right part so there is no harm in either of the outcome, right? There are chances you might get promotion or the worst would be you will not big deal some or the other day you will. We don’t ask for things because we are afraid of people what they will think of us? We might look needy, foolish, stupid, etc. and what not we think rather than we just assume about such things in reality.

The main reason is we are afraid of rejection to face to hear the word “No” is the biggest fear. Without thinking about the later consequences we assume that we might get rejected whereas we might get the approval instead. We are rejecting ourselves in advance aren’t we? Yes we do act like this every time, obviously everyone will agree to this. By behaving like this we are saying no to ourselves before anyone can say so. You need to take the risk for what you want and need to get that feeling of satisfaction. If you get a rejection at least you tried so you know how to perform next time at least you get an idea about things around and how will it turn out to be. There is no harm if you get a rejection it will help you for your next preparation. If you get accepted there is no such achievement. You will be happy as never. Risk factor is the biggest in such situations and you need to take the risk for that matter. Just by willing to ask you can get a raise maybe a discount maybe a date or else extension to your holiday package or much more. Your success is just a question away. Ask for it whatever may be the situation. Always ask for something as you can get it, keep a positive attitude with you and assume that you will surely get it.

Assume you can do stuffs and act that way. Do not ever start your assumptions that you cannot do, place yourself in advance on that position so that it will make you motivated to work for it and think positively. Always ask for those people who can give you what you want do not go to a person who will keep pulling you down always. If you want to achieve the success surround yourselves with positive people who will keep motivating you all the time instead of demotivating you. Qualify the person as per your limits do not go for people lower to you. Always be clear and specific on what you want. If you want a raise just do no say you want a raise mention how much raise do you want. Be clear on your terms and conditions ask for it but you should be specific about things and clear your things out. If someone asks you if you want more money do not just say yes mention how much more you want. The main thing is keep asking repeatedly. So Ask! Ask! Ask!


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