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Ask Her Out, Stupid!


You see that girl even now, she is happy with some punk. Well maybe not really a punk but for you he will always be one. That too for no mistake of his own. It was your mistake instead. You were the one who failed to ask her out. Yes you thought of it a lot and even came close a few times but in the end you always backed out, scared she might say no. That doubt of yours never gave her an opportunity to say yes. And worse, maybe she too was waiting on you. But you were a puny, she got tired, he found the guts and now you still see that girl, she is happy with some punk.

She and the Punk

What envies us beyond limit is movies and sitcoms, where the lead characters meet for the first time, he asks her out and she never says no. And that’s what makes it so unreal. She never says no! We are an evolving country with youth slowly adapting the culture of the west but still the conservative attitude is settled deep into us. That’s what makes it so complicated. The guy would have asked the girl out but what if she says no? The girl would have said yes but what if anyone finds out? Because guys are generally considered to be loose but girls earn that tag. And God forbid but when this happens in front of on-lookers, the phrase ‘Will you go out with me?’ takes the meaning of ‘Will you get laid with me?’ and if she still says yes, well then continue, the camera is still rolling!

And that’s just one of the hardships a guy faces asking a girl out. Some others include the consequences of it. What about the friendship if she says no? Will you still be as important for her? And they battle these questions alone because the girl’s mind is like Area 51, no one knows what goes inside it. She would be craving for the guy, crying over his pictures but she would rather marry someone else and have his kids than to make the first move. Girls never make the first move. And hence with no idea what the girls want, guys too don’t. But some of them who don’t care what she says do so and unfortunately she also says yes. And that people is why good guys get heaven and bad boys get women.

The time that we live in, it’s a great feat to even ask a girl her name, let alone out for coffee – even if she has been a friend for long. However, the question is, does this girl mean enough to you to be worth taking up all these troubles for? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Ask her out, stupid! Sooner or later, someone will. And if you feel that you deserve to be that someone, why don’t you? Just give it some time, an year perhaps. She won’t say yes the day you meet and if you still want to ask her out an year later, then no doubt she deserves to go out with you! But… Do you have the guts?

What if she says no? What about the friendship? Honestly, yes there is exactly half chance that she will say no. But since when do people go out with someone just because they had a better chance.! Yes you may fail but failure is nothing but a part of success. If nothing else, it will teach you to take rejection well. And everybody with time gathers new hope for next time. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end. So the next time when you finally win over the love of your life, this would be just a memory to laugh off. You will be sad whenever you see her, depressed when she laughed and you realized what you missed and wishing you had never done so. But believe me, it would still be better than seeing her with some punk thinking you could have been him. At least you would know what class of people she deserves to be with. And that will make you happy. But do ask her. Remember that you fell in love with her and you yourself are to judge whether your love deserves to take this chance or not.


Now just imagine… What if she says yes? Don’t you want to begin with the movie in your life? Asking her out is the start. There won’t be any rain in the sun or butterflies in the stomach, but there will be two smiling faces of you both. And when you know that you are the reason behind someone’s happiness, those smiles will become worthier than a million. Realizing that you could have let go of this life so easily would make you feel silly. Knowing you matter as much as her would make you feel special. Being the receiver of all her conversations would make you feel important. Being in love with her would make you feel happy. And remembering it all began when you asked her out would make you feel… Well, feel this one for yourself. Don’t forget, with this girl you just get this one chance. So what are you waiting for? She might be waiting for you right now!

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