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Ask Him Out, Silly!


The lord giveth and the lord taketh away. The beauty with the brains loved a man from her dreams and one day when she met him, surreal it seemed. They became friends and then came those feelings in their hearts; she kept on waiting for the day he will be hers. It was to be a long wait for she would never say that he was the one who had taken her breath away. She stood in silence and that silence built a wall because even though the lord giveth and the lord taketh away, he does so with a rule. God helps those who help themselves. They both waited on each other and then they forgot because no one was willing to take the risk involved.

The time when most love stories come to an end is before their start. The couples who could have so easily been an example of love end up being samples of consequences of falling in love. That’s what love does. It either lets you live life beyond imagination or it forces you to imagine the life beyond. And all the difference between them is of guts. The guys are the ones considered to have plenty of them and hence expected to make the first move – and frankly, everyone after it. So is it just the guys on whom all great love stories depend or there is some truth to the wide-spreading word that girls are no less than boys?

Girls no less than Boys

The boys are generally expected to do everything first – approach the girl, ask her number, ask her out and even go down on one knee. Girls don’t need to worry about any of those things because if he loves her too (like she does) he would come to her himself. Therefore their side of job is just to wait, because if it’s meant to be he will come himself and if not… Okay then! Only if they had a little idea of the little twist in there! There are two types of feelings that a guy develops towards a girl. One, he likes her. In that case, he wishes similar response from the other side and asks her out hoping they would hit off. Second, he loves her. In that case, more than taking it to the next level he would prefer not to ruin this one. And hence he too would never make the first move.

Any guy looking for something serious is unlikely to make the first move. So what should a girl do to kick off what could be another great love story? Simple; you ask her out, silly! Yes he may be a coward at expressing love but still if you both are on the same page, there is no one better for your future than him. Think and tell what do you prefer? Forgetting that you could have had a happily ever after and moving on or making a go for it? If the response is yes, you know your risk has paid off and if not, well at least you know it’s time to fall in love all over again. Ask him out because that is going to solve many love life complications of yours. Do it not because you are no less than him, but because you deserve no less than him.

Don’t take it as a matter of pride that being a girl you can’t ask a guy out as it will seem a desperate attempt. If the relationship starts with you making the first move then that gesture is going to stay memorable throughout your relationship. And actually, doing so is just a one moment task. You have as many guts as any one; it’s just about being able to use them at the right moment. Can you set aside the stereotypes of a love story and start your own with a difference? If yes, then go and ask the man out and find out for yourself whether it’s going to be your best life experience or best learning experience. If not, then stay put and hope that years later you don’t come to know that he was waiting for slightest of your signs. He will easily be everything in the relationship, the loving one, the caring one, the funny one; but the question is, can you be the brave one?

Be Brave!

It’s not every day you fall in love, so make it count. The lord giveth and the lord taketh away. The lord is not going to give you your love in a platter, what he has given you is an opportunity and if you are planning to stand by as it stands up front, the lord will take it away. It’s just a matter of guts because no matter how it turns out, it is going to be good for you. Because one, a yes could make you love yourself for doing this. Two, a no could make you thank yourself for doing this. Three, a girl asking a boy out doesn’t show how desperate she is, but how serious she is. And four, it’s not a bad thing. God helps those who help themselves. You did your bit, now leave it to God whether you deserve to rise in love or rise above it.

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