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Answer to all problems-In book-The Power


Are you a pessimist? Wondering why you don’t get what you wanted? Do you think that only negative things happen to you? Are you always cribbing about some or the other petty issue? Do you think you are mostly sad or normal and not always happy? Are you fed up of the way your life is going?

If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, you seriously need to rethink about your life. You are continuously yourself degrading your life’s quality. You need to shed your own image and develop a new way of thinking. The book, The Power by Rhonda Byrne is the solution to your answers. And if you say all no to the above questions, then just go and read about it and I am sure you’ll love the book for the enlightenment done by it.

Do you want to live a happy life? Do you want to be happy? Do you want others around you to be happy? Do you want to be a person whose mere presence is a positive effect on us? If yes, it is the right time to grab your copy of The Power and start following it. Let me tell you it is not any guide book or any personality development kind of book. It is one of its own types.


The Power had an influence on me to the extent that I am sure the book is only responsible for my actions there and then. I have personally experienced huge change from previous me. The book in turn helped me to live my life my way and explore the opportunities.

The Power written in the easiest possible words in English dictionary found will leave on you an impact you couldn’t think of it. In a simple, clear and lucid language it states its objective so clearly that it sticks to the mind forever. Also a fact is that there may be some facts you already knew but the way of writing is so clear and effective that you’ll be bound to follow it.

The Power gives a beautiful formula to achieve all that matters, to live a good life and most importantly to be happy. The book may have different interpretation for you from what I mentioned and that is only because we all have different personalities.

Let me tell you how far it has influenced me so that you may actually realize its importance and its effects.

I wasn’t happy with my life, the way it was shaping up, the way things were going. In short, I just began disliking everything. Due to some people and certain circumstances I found myself far away from the life I had imagined. I knew I had to do something, but I didn’t know how. And that is when an angel handed me the book “The Power”. Though I am a book lover, but I hadn’t heard of it at that time. So I just thought to take the book and read one or two pages to decide if I’ll go on reading it. And the next time I kept the book aside when I read almost four chapters from the book. And then I realized what I was doing with my life and what was required to be done. And gradually following the book I realized the most important facts of life. Here, in short is my learning from it.

The Formula

the-power   images (2)

The book talks about only one formula “love” for all the situations. As I already mentioned that you may know the fact but don’t know how to implement it and more importantly why to implement it. The book has the answer to it. The formula works for all situations and you’ll also soon acknowledge the fact. It says about loving from things to one and all. It may sound creepy to few of it, but The Power lies in love. The power to achieve everything, have everything all lies in love.

The book goes on describing the author’s philosophy with the help of real life examples. The examples are so effective as if we could relate it to one or more way. It deals with topics from money to relationships to your health. It says not only to be positive but how can you do it.

The way it has changed me is that I have stopped cribbing out small things instead if something goes wrong I try to reason out and give a positive reason for why it would have happened. Though I already knew that whatever happens; happens for the good it was after reading I realized the actual importance of this life. Only following a small step has bought a change in my life.

images (1)

As Rhonda Byrne says the mission for writing the book is Spreading joy, I wrote this article with the same purpose. Go ahead, grab your copy; just go on reading it till you have found that how wrongly you handled the situation. Once you have realized and followed the principles of book, you’ll notice that everything will change for better. People would be more better to listen to you’ll feel a positive aura around you.

Happy Reading!

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