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Anger-It Ain’t Always Bad.


Sounds crazy right? How on earth can anger be helpful? Haven’t we always heard that anger is harmful to our body and others. Newspapers and magazines link anger to heart diseases. They also present it as the main cause of problems at workplace and home. Often when we rill up we end up doing things which create serious problems for us. Anger is thought to drive people away and also cause financial, materialistic, psychological losses.We live in a world where anger is portrayed as a bad and useless time wasting thing. We all have seen cartoon characters which turn red with anger in television shows . Incredible Hulk turned green in the movie because of anger and the newspaper cartoons which emit steam from their ears because of anger.

People don’t like others or their own angry selves.They find it hard to control and tackle.Just like other human emotions – Sadness, Happiness, Pain etc., anger is an inseparable part of human life. It’s an emotion that needs to be dealt with in a certain way like the other emotions.

Angry people often don’t know the reason of them being angry. They do have a hint but not the actual underlying emotions which triggered it. People often are not able to find the root cause of anger. Disappointment , frustration, hurt are feelings which are expressed in the way of anger sometimes. If one finds out the underlying cause anger, anger can be dealt with in a positive manner. It can help a person to sort out stuff, solve vital questions in some cases or fight in adverse conditions.

The chemicals released by brain affects body in such a way so as to cause many changes in the body. Those chemicals prepare the person for adverse conditions, providing the required boost up in energy to perform a task one cannot normally do. The chemicals prepare the body for adverse conditions , but that is generally not required in the present scenario as it was in earlier times.But the energy has to be used in some way. Hence, the way in which this energy is utilized by a person decides whether it will bear fruits or turn out to be useless rage.

In certain situations anger provides us the energy to react. In situations where one needs to run, fight, to stand up for himself or for a cause that extra ounce of energy boost up which occurs due to anger serves as a boon. Anger is a manner in which people show that they have been treated unjustly or unfairly.

Anger makes one feel as if they are incharge and have immense power. Angry people express their thoughts in a strong , forceful and moving way. It is difficult to counteract their statements as they arise from a well thought and clear thinking at that point of time.

Angry people stand up for their rights. They step into no-nonsense-tolerated mode and they do not tolerate anything wrong happening with them or any other person. They can defend themselves very well. Thus ,anger helps people confront other people .

The aftereffects of anger can be found out from the way you deal with it.Anger can be used in both positive and negative manner . Thus,can have pros and cons .

Here’s an example which would help you understand how consequences differ.Suppose you are angry at someone.What will you do?

1. Say nothing to them and sit on a side with mouth shut , arms folded and won’t answer anyone, You will keep doing your work, none of which would be completed because your full attention isn’t on the work.

2.Go to your room and break whatever comes in your way. At last you will be standing in a room filled with broken things. The silver lining on the cloud is that after this your mom or wife is gonna be mad at you after that which would surely cool down your anger because then you are gonna be scared.

3.Talk to the person and tell him the reason of your anger in a calm manner. This way you’ll get to listen to his side of the story and will be able to explain your side of the story too.

First situation would just harm your body, the second situation is neither good for you nor for the stuff you break and the third situation is when you are using your anger in the right way to get hold of the situation.The third situation is truly a win-win situation.

Anger has played it’s part in many struggles. The movements , protests are all result of people with anger towards the same cause uniting to raise their voice and play their part in bringing about the change. And it’s always better to let out anger than to keep it inside while grumbling about whatever wrong or unethical thing happened to you. Anger acts a powerful catalyst to fight righteously towards discrimination, racism and everything wrong happening with you.

If you are prone to losing temper at the drop of a hat, then that can’t be justified as a good or healthy behavioural pattern. Such people often face a situation where they suffer before letting out their anger and afterwards because they let out their anger. This happens because their is just useless rage which harms them and others too.As this is of no good to anyone,it certainly can not  be defined as a good practice and needs to be controlled.

Do not mask your anger, but let it out in the right way, it will serve in a good manner for a good purpose.

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