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Importance of Always On The Time


It’s said that you realize the true importance of something only after you lose it. As it turns out, they are dead right. This past week I’ve been busy, working late till nights (and even through nights sometimes), working mostly through the day and barely sleeping. And it’s not like I have something to finish up before a deadline, I have been finishing up something way past deadline. The difference there is between having a deadline and missing a deadline is clear now and now, I have realized the true importance of time – after spending plenty of time having none of time. So this here is just an attempt to say that the later you realize it yourself the better it is. Until then, trust the age-old sayings and stay always upon the time.

Most of us have made time tables at least once in our lives – be it the school days to prepare for exams or office days to accomplish a target. The question is, have you followed it? Or did you just make the time table, set the targets and completed a bit of it until the very last moment, wherein you completed the rest of it hastily – hastily, but not correctly. Well, was the experience better than how it would have been had you followed it? It was memorable, certainly, but not for a good reason. Time tables are an excellent way to stay on time when you follow them. Each of us is capable of making one, and they do give us reasonable time to complete any work. Give them a serious try and who knows, you might even start giving them frequent tries.

One of the ways to manage time – besides preparing a time table – is prioritizing. Spending too much time on an unimportant part of work will only leave you with less time for important parts. Hence it’s better to prioritize the parts and then do it accordingly so that you can give required amount of time to each task and prevent building up a hectic situation. Another thing to keep in mind is having a positive attitude. It comes in handy when you are doing something you don’t like – in which case you are most likely to mess up. Having a positive attitude allows you to concentrate and move forward with a strong determination.


The easiest way to stay on time, however, is to stay punctual. You don’t need a time table if you realize the importance of your work. And if you have a lot of work and a lot of time to do that, you can probably finish it yourself without any time table or such methods. The best way to finish something is keep doing it. There is no harm in completing it early, it just gives you time to relax after all that. And if you prefer to shy away from hard work, you are welcome to bust up your brains the final few days. If you are willing to do your work, you are given not to face any time management problem ever.

But what if you mess up? What if you fail to complete your work on time? Then comes the problem I had been facing for a short while. Everyone is familiar with stress – at least the word if not the problem. Stress is what happens when you are in too much pressure, which again happens when you are not able to finish up with your work. Take it as a real fact or just a bunched up lies to scare you, but stress isn’t something to be taken lightly. Stress can play a part in problems like headaches, high blood pressure and anxiety. Not enough? Well because I didn’t mention the heart problems, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, skin conditions and depression wherein also stress can cause an effect.


American industry loses more than three hundred billion dollars each year to the hazard of stress at workplace. And the cost may vary, but the fact that stress also causes whole countries to suffer a major financial loss remains true worldwide. Hence stress not only accounts for your failure but for a country’s as well. Of course there are ways to get rid of stress but then again an age-old saying comes to mind, prevention better than cure. Why eradicate the result when you can eradicate the cause? How hard is it not to get stressed? As hard it is to complete a work on time. And when you weigh the tasks, stress lasts much longer than the work.

So what do you prefer doing? Stay away from work so you can face stress or stay immersed in work so you can erase stress? Working round the clock doesn’t make any sense either. The thing that matters is whether you can stay on time and if the situation allows you some free time, gladly have it. Time management is a problem for many, some manage it by a whisker while some go down and are punished with stress. Remember that nothing comes close in strength to time – nothing! What you became in years, time can destroy in days. So instead of chasing the time every moment, learn to always stay upon time.

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