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Stay Away from Alcohol Cocktails


Ever since the old ages, people have been fancied by the idea of consumption of alcohol. Some of them drink alcohol for their celebrations and some because of their addiction to it. But being an alcoholic is never advisable. You should not consume it in large quantities as it causes harm to your body in the longer run. A damaged liver is the most popular damage you will face. On the other hand, some surveys have found out that consumption of alcohol in controlled amounts on a regular basis is beneficial to your health. But do we know what controlled amount is? Cocktails are nothing but combination of two or more drinks. But there are some deadly combinations of alcohols you should absolutely stay away from.

Worst Alcoholic Beverages!

Horse Jizz


Talk about worst alcohol beverage, and the horse Jizz would top the list. Horse Jizz is nothing but a combination of beer and milk. Mix equal proportions of milk and beer and bam! The combination becomes so deadly that it could take your body for a ride and you may need to spend some extra time at the washroom the very next morning. If you are one of those froth loving people, you can go for this drink and fulfill your froth desires. This drink is named after an animal’s semen and thus you can imagine how threatening this drink could be! This is a terrible alcohol beverage to handle.

Smoker’s Cough

Well, how known is the fact that smoking is injurious to health? Pretty much, one would assume. Smoker’s cough is a combination of jagermeister and mayonnaise. This is a very deadly shot combination for you and takes you for a tussle. The flavor is the worst possible flavor and this particular combination hits your body hard and especially your lungs are at stake.

Red bull + Vodka

Ever thought of doing this? Well, even if you did, you would have experienced something real bad. Vodka gives you pleasure and you are on the rocks literally. Similarly, red bull is a very good energetic drink that does give you wings. But the moment you combine the two, you end up with one of the worst alcoholic beverages. This drink gives you super wings and you are charged up like never before. You will get a sleepless night for sure and you might spend your whole night spending on the streets with your friends and dancing at a nearby pub. The best part would be no feeling of tirelessness. But the moment the effect of the combination ends, you will be completely drained off and your energy levels will fall down. You might feel like hitting the bed. But to add to your misery, you won’t even get sleep!

Deadly Tampon

This is the simplest of cocktails that any tom, dick or harry could make. A deadly tampon or bloody tampon is made by simply mixing a bit of tequila, rum, whiskey, beer and lemon juice. Well, it doesn’t sound much deadly but this in reality is probably the worst drink to handle. This is the ultimate level of drinking something gross. You will get a deadly hangover after this, and do expect some serious headaches after some time. This drink is very famous in the European nations and people do get tempted to try this cocktail. But it is always a prudent call to stay away from this as it can tear apart your body internally and cause serious damage to you.

Prairie Oyster

This is another alcoholic beverage that you should stay away from. Prairie Oyster is a combination of Tabasco sauce, raw egg and bourbon. This may sound a little ordinary but once you are gulping this, you may end up catching a fight at the nearest bar and the next morning you get up, you might find yourself a little injured as a result of your previous night escapade.

Prairie Chicken

This I nothing but an alternative beverage for Prairie Oyster. This is made up from raw egg yolk, gin seeds, gin, salt and a dash of pepper. Sounds like a real organic drink but this thing takes you for a ride for sure. It is believed that this drink is much more deadly than Prairie Oyster.


Cement Mixer

You may ask for this drink at any renowned pub or bar. You don’t really feel the drink and its effects until you start swallowing it. The drink curdles up in your mouth before reaching your tonsils and starts sticking to your teeth and your tonsils and even your tongue. This might start choking you up. Well, this explains why it is called as the cement mixer, doesn’t it?

King Jong Un Nuclear Bomb

The name does catch your attention. This alcohol beverage is a big lavish cocktail with a lot of ingredients. You add a big Mac and then a bit of fries in it. Add a tangy barbeque sauce to it and then a bit of whisky would be ideal. Add an apple pie to it and then an ultimate splash of vodka to it. Mix the ingredients well and you will have thick beverage ready for you. This North Korean alcohol beverage can shake up your organs and give you the worst taste of alcohol!


There are various alcohol addicts and alcohol lovers for that matter. But the moment you try these or even get to know about such deadly combos, you are bound to puke and start hating alcoholic beverages. Stay healthy, stay safe!



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