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6 Most Common Dating Clichés


Every relationship has its own unique story which two individuals start creating together when they begin dating. Their personalities begin blending in together to start a tale of love but then unfortunately one of them decides to break up. Now all of you will agree on this that there is never a right way to break up and no matter how you do it, it’s always going to hurt. But sometimes in an attempt to do it an easy way a lot of us decide to go with the age old clichés. Either because we are way too lazy to come up with a proper reason for breakup or we aren’t able to man up enough to tell the real reason, clichés seem like an easy way to go while ending a relationship. Here are some of the most common ones we end up hearing all the time and what they really mean.

What they say, “I need some space”

What they mean, “I’m totally freaking out”

A relationship needs to be a right balance of closure and space. Where one should work on being together to keep the intimacy alive, some personal space is also much needed. Your partner is most likely to use this cliché when the relationship starts taking a serious turn or if you are spending way too much time together. However it might not have anything to do with you and they might be just missing their independent lifestyle to which they have been quite used to. Of course a single life has its own perks and when a person is in a relationship they might start feeling all tied up.

dating cliches 3

What they say, “I’m really busy these days.”
What they mean, “I don’t care about you enough.”

If your partner uses this cliché over you then it might be a little unfair to go berserk over-thinking that why they don’t prioritize you anymore because he/she actually might be super busy at the moment. But if you two go days without any communication and weeks without seeing each other’s face while they do manage to take out time for other activities then it might be the time to seriously think about it. If you are important enough, then they will try their best to fit you in their busy schedule and manage out time to spend with you.

What they say, “You deserve better than me”

What they mean, “I don’t like you”

Okay guilty! Even I have tried on this cliché over somebody I was just not attracted to. If you express your attraction for a person but they give you this response then more than they truly think you deserve somebody better, chances are that they are just not into you. But they don’t want to sound harsh either and are polite enough to not say it bluntly. However there is also a possibility that they might actually think that they don’t deserve you but then if they had feelings for you then am sure one can be a little more selfish than this.

dating cliches 2

What they say, “We should see other people”

What they mean, “I want to see other people, preferably without clothes”

Rude but true. Using this cliché means that the person is still somewhat into you or wants to keep receiving what you have to offer to them, emotionally or physically, but also they want to keep looking for something better. Yes they still want to sleep with you, but not just with you. Basically they want to keep the options open and also don’t wanna settle for anything but the best. This is where the whole non-exclusive thing pops up and believe me the concept is nothing but bullshit.

What they say, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you”

What they mean, “I am just not attracted to you anymore” or “I met someone else”

Oh come on, they just pity on you and of course they don’t even love you anymore. They don’t want to break your heart by saying it loud and clear but they have fallen out of love and don’t want to be with you anymore. Using this cliché is a terrible attempt at making the other person feel a little less pathetic for being dumped but you cannot deny the truth and it’s time to face it.

dating cliches 4

What they say, “It’s not you, it’s me”

What they mean, “It’s totally you”

Oh now this one is a classic and by all means the most annoying cliché of all times and we have just got sick of hearing this again and again. But here is what it really means. When a guy or a girl tells you that it’s not you but it’s them, it might mean that you are not the one they were looking for or it might also mean that they found a better one and can’t wait to be set free. Although it does mean that the person still respects you and is willing to take the blame for the failed relationship but it is still a cliché and the relationship is still failing. Aww you poor thing!

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