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Aerobics- the Beginning!




In this century every person is concerned about their looks and shape. Every person is keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle though many exercises have been started since 70’s. One of the famous forms of exercise is aerobics being a sport it can benefit us mentally as well. Exercises which require keeping flow of purified oxygenated blood intact to the working muscles from the heart basically known as cardio exercise which helps to build one’s body are usually known as “Aerobics”. This kind of exercise helps an individual to stimulate the heart and breathing rate in human body which is very useful. Aerobics in general or in literal terms means exercise with oxygen that regenerates your muscle power. It also increases heart rate and sometimes may lead to exertion. Aerobics help you to burn the fats and glucose and helps to produce the cells that give out energy to the body. For instance, running is an aerobic exercise but sprinting is not the one.  Whereas even when you play single tennis it is considered into aerobics but double tennis it is not taken into consideration. It is not just for specific age group or any particular person aerobics can be performed by any one regardless of their ability in sports, age or weight it is considered good for all. It not only includes running or single tennis but walking, cycling or even swimming is taken into account with others. If you are not motivated to do some of the aerobics here are some interesting facts how aerobics will help you in your life long process. In small children aerobics helps them to keep their memory power strong and also to boost up their learning abilities, especially the challenging ones.


The higher level of aerobics there is higher number of chances for development and taking up new skills more easily and speedily. The most effective reason for taking up aerobics is you can lose weight. Now-a-days we find lots of people tensed up by their increasing weight.Here is the solution to your obesity. Though it depends as which cardio exercise you take up because the result differs from the type of exercise you take up. Aerobics is one of the famous from all types of cardio exercise one does. Aerobics is the kind of activity which makes individual breathes hard by using large muscles at regular space and intervals. It is proven that this type of exercise is much better even than yoga and power building. It helps you to strengthen your heart and make it more efficient. It converts your fatty acids and stored carbohydrates to give out energy. It helps to keep the supply of oxygen in and out properly to keep the heart in proper condition. As mentioned above it can be performed by all. Yes but when it comes to the timing of how long one should do it clearly depends on the individual’s stamina and age capacity to take up. It also helps to decrease the risk of blood pressure, obesity, certain type of cancer, stoke even two types of diabetes and also pumps blood to all body parts. As I said it helps to reduce weight another great option for reducing your fat. It is very effective in losing your weight and keeps in control if followed by good eating habits as it helps to burn the calories from your body.

It is also a good option for stress management. Keeping your stress level up to the mark it prevents our body to suffer from hypertension. It helps to reduces stress, depression and anxiety. It improves your good cholesterol and decreases your bad cholesterol. It is also used as booster for self-confidence and self-esteem. Even it helps you in keeping the muscles intact and slow down your aging problems. Keep ones bones and ligaments strong. It leads to keep individual energetic and young enough to keep down their illness level to fit. Boosting up the immune system one stays fresh and young. Not only this but also those who want to quit smoking and drinking aerobics has been proven effective enough to help them out of addiction.

Stamina increases gradually, initially it takes out every ounce of strength from your body and reduces fatigue. Also increases your mobility. Usually large muscles are in use such as arms, legs and hips, you will notice this muscles respond quickly. When you breathe heavily and deeply it helps to maximize the amount of oxygen in an individual. This leads to beating of heart faster which will lead to pumping of blood more evenly to body parts. This also helps your body to release some of the endorphins or more of natural painkillers that increase sense of well-being. Do not perform it more often that it turns out to be anaerobic. Everything should be limited, keep in mind do according to one’s stamina and capacity otherwise it may turn out to be a huge problem. Taking everything in to consideration one should choose the exercise accordingly which suites oneself  and one can perform easily. It improves both physical and emotional health of an individual.  It should be realistic and should be practical and simple to prevent you from getting stuck into much of hectic aerobic tight schedule. Hope you benefit with the desired outcome.



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