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Acidity? Take your yoga mat and veggie bowl


Both my maternal and paternal grand parents are alive and I ripping off time from my busy schedule is obliged not to miss any of my regular visits. I remember being very hanky-panky in my childhood days and they correcting and taking care of me.Now both of them have grown old and weary and during my stay at my parents, one thing I couldnot help noticing is their problem with food. They refuse to eat even the most nutritious diet saying, “oh, that may cause acidity.” I am a haphazard observer- but nevertheless to say, acidity is a major problem among not just the aged but youths and kids as well. With the hike of fast food and junk food and untimely eating habbits, people always have their collection of antacids ready in their pouch. People run behind all sorts of advertisements and buy enos and gelusils encouraged and impressed by them. We hardly realise that they have traumatic aftereffects if used in a long run. Well, have we ever stopped to think to curb this? and even if we have- did we ever know that all we needed were 10 days?



“My stomach is not a cemetery to cremate all the mercilessly killed animals and birds”- George Bernard Shaw.
There is no question as to meat serving the secret of proteins to human body. However the truth is that human digestive system has to work strenously to get this done. Moreover,the proteins equivalent to 500 gram meat can be obtained by devouring 100 gram pulses. The primary step to a healthy bowel is the realisation of our ignorances and the acceptance of scientific revealations. A delicious dinner may be a table-full but mind you, a healthy one can be just a mouth -full. We have the women of our houses compelling us to eat more and more disregarding the reality that you never grow stronger and healthier if you eat more but if you eat wise. So here is a magic mantra- for a smooth and smart bowel.
“Eka bhuktam mahayogi,
dwi bhuktam mahabhogi,
tri bhuktam maharogi.”
which means a wise man eats once a day, an epicure eats twice a day and a diseased eats trice a day. Though this is against all our nourishment concept,it is bitterly true to its core that the more you eat the more you are likely to visit a doctor. It is a proven fact the human digestive system takes an average of 18 hours to completely digest your breakfast wherein we additionally suffocate it with a grand lunch and a sweet tea and a surplus dinner plus your random burgers and coke. whew, appreciation dear stomach. Budging this on the back burner, lets get started with our magic mantra.

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The essential meraki of life is in the way you live it with utmost happiness and satisfaction.Follow this set for 10 days and witness the wonders yourself by practising self control and yoga and then regain your peace of mind as well. Each of us have a routine in life which alters and differs from person, job, preferences etcetra. Firstly start your day off with a glass of fresh pomegranate juice. Pomegranate, renowned for its antacid qualities is an add on for all the beauty concerned. Guess what- pomegranate pulp was the celebrated ingredient of cleopatras lip care.Rich in vitamins and minerals they regulate the acid formation in stomach and brightens skin tone. Then is the time to dust your yoga mat. An hour of breath control and pranayama along with some ‘aasanas’ are the part of even natural spas these days. An hour later, have a boiled banana for breakfast. Make sure you never drink any beverages including tea,coffee, cool drinks and alcohols during these 10 days of natural medication. Our main aim is to give minimum work load for our digestive system and give it enough time to rest and settle back to normalcy and thus be fresh and ransome.By 1 in the noon have an enriched meal consisting of a bowl of boiled vegetables, boiled rice, curd or yoghurt and a glass of water with mint leaves . Have a plate of fresh vegatable salad for dinner with another glass of pomegranate juice. Cucumbers,carrots,cabbages,ladies fingers, beetroots,pappayas,silver gourds, tomatoes are all edible uncooked in the salads.Avoid all the unneccessary chats and chips that you take in between.
“Food is the greatest medicine; there is no medicine for man than the food he eats”- Hippocratus.
The doctors of our place will have to move down to the countryside farmlands if all of us practised the art of living. Eat quality food and there is no need for medication and it is worthless if you have quantity food. Ofcourse the above mantra is diificult to put in to practise. But aint it better than cozy hospital beds and multifarious tablets. Ten days of self control is worth a million dollars. So, why not try?

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