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9 Ways To Be Healthy and Fit


9 Ways to Be Healthy and Fit!

Today everyone is health conscious, they all want to look good, be fit and of course away from health diseases. Food is something that matters a lot regarding our health and fitness and it is seen now people are ready to quit all their yummy fat content food to get in return slim and tight toned body. Modern generation believes in diet control, its a plus point because they compete with other people as well to maintain a good lifestyle and have a healthy regime. Here are some things that can keep you healthy and fit.

9 Ways To Be Healthy and Fit
9 Ways To Be Healthy and Fit

1) Exercise Regularly

Exercise is a word we all are familiar with and from primary school time, we know that the outcome by doing exercise is always positive. Even if you are thin, that doesn’t mean you should not exercise. Exercise is something that helps the body to be Fit, Active and Flexible. Whole day sitting or working on the computer can make you lazy and increase your weight.But regularly doing exercises can keep you Active and healthy.It all depends on us, it is we who have to take out time to do exercise otherwise joining a gym can solve a bit of your problem.Joining a


means working out on professional machines and be guided by trainers and doing at Home is also a type of exercise.


Pilates is a very world famous type of exercise, where workouts are effective and help in weight reduction.It is important that exercise should never be done too much i.e. excessively in order to get fast results, in fact, it will harm you and your body part. Running, Stretching, Walking, Doing Crunches, etc are some good ways to keep you fit.Exercise helps in a good blood circulation and by sweating out all the antioxidants come out and make you feel fresh.

2) Proper Diet Control

Fruits and Vegetables are always good for the body, especially Green veggies.They help in lowering cholesterol, reduces Fat and keeps your skin glow.Vitamins and irons are very important and hence it depends on us how we intake.It is the nature of life that how we sow the seed the way the plant comes out to be i.e. it is what we eat is all reflected in our body and face.Nowadays people are health conscious so they believe in a proper diet chart.Indians love eating Rice and Rice is a food that helps to gain weight especially if someone wants a fat belly.


Rice should be controlled and Fat content food should be avoided like Ice creams, Butter, Indian Ghee, Cream Biscuits, Sweets, heavy dairy products, etc.Many film stars have gone green i.e. Vegan and have quit Dairy products like Milk, Cottage cheese, paneer, etc.Many stores these days keep Organic food items and it is mainly for health conscious people.It should be remembered never to do


because over-dieting leads to the imbalance in food substance, change in digestion cycle and can lead people to faint and cause the hemoglobin down. Dietitians always make a proper health chart and advice to cut

Meals into parts

which means people should eat in small portions after every two hours.Dinner should be taken before 7 pm at night.Spinach is a good green vegetable which has iron, oranges, lemon has a good amount of Vitamin C, Apples are good antioxidants with Vitamin A, Strawberries help to make your teeth white, Watermelon is good for glowing skin and even Carrots are good for eyes.Those people who eat eggs are nowadays recommended to eat Egg whites in order to prevent fats.

3) Healthy Meals

Meals should be divided into portions as said earlier, this helps the body remain active and stomach stays full.Too much of gaps between meals results in stomach bloating and Gas problems.Breakfasts should be eaten properly, Nowadays people opt for Oats, Museli  cereals, Fruit Salads, Cucumbers, Brown Bread sandwiches, etc.We Indians are used to heavy food styles and love relishing variety on our tables so it is important that we should consume properly in a limit. Nowadays people eat Rotis/Chapattis and Brown rice is a good option in order to compensate original rice.It is said Dinner should be light and people should not sleep or rest immediately after meals, that causes in weight formations. Non vegetarians should control their portions and people should avoid oily deep fried items from the market.

“Processed Food&Meat”

is very cancerous.It should be avoided, many working people opt to buy ready to cook, ready to heat food stuff and processed meats also are very bad for health. Bacon contains a lot of Salt which is again bad for health. Healthy food gives good nutritions as well.

4) Yoga

Yoga is something that has been practiced since 1000 years ago. It has a scientific recognition and doctors believe that Yoga is something which gives a Natural Cure to the body.So many people recover from deadly diseases only by doing Yoga. Meditation helps us to remove all our bad vibes, breathing keeps our natural breathing flow maintained and Mental and physical PEACE is derived by doing Yoga.Yoga and Power Yoga contributes a lot to weight reduction. The particular Aasans helps the body remain flexible and reduce weight. One of the most famous is Surya Namaskar where a person facing towards the Sun does 12 steps yoga, all the positions are very impactful and help the body to remain fit. Yoga is something that is world acclaimed and recognized. Yoga is an anti-depressant and it helps to overcome depression too.

5) Drink Water

Water the natural drink is the best drink that one should keep drinking regularly in a day. At least 2 liters in a day should be taken.Water removes our natural thirst and helps us to secrete our unwanted juices and substances from our body. For proper digestion, Water is required.

6) Health Drinks&Juices

Juices should be taken naturally without any artificial substance and without any extra sugar. Fruit juices and vegetable juices are recommended by trainers at the gym. Orange juice, Watermelon juice, Tomato juice, Pomegranate juice, Carrot juice, etc. All are very healthy juices. Health drinks and shakes also come and are recommended for those who are body building. Protien shakes, Soya milk and other health drinks are available in the market. Energy drinks are also good but at a limit for the body.

7) Never Over-Exercise or Over-Dose

As mentioned earlier, it is harmful to the body to over exercise or overdoses a particular food. We all like healthy glowing skin and face. Too much of crash dieting results on our face, Face Beauty starts depleting. The negative impact of too much of dieting can cause our face to look dull, increase Dark circles and wrinkles. So we should do everything in a limit and with patience. We all want to look beautiful and have a good healthy body.

8) Be Active

Obesity is a major problem in recent times. People have gone soo much busy into gadgets, TV, etc that it has made our body lazy and less active. No one likes to be called a Couch Potato, hence it is our duty that we should be active and avoid being lazy.Instead of getting our job done by someone else, we should stand to do it by ourselves. Remaining Active helps the body to be Fit and Healthy.

9) Outdoor Activities

Being active is an essential part to remain fit and healthy.It is believed that persons who indulge in outdoor activities tend to be more fit and happy. Kids should be always encouraged for outdoor Sports and activities. Jogging, Cycling is another very good exercise to keep the body fit. Other activities like Swimming, Horse Riding, Football, Running, Basketball, etc. are also great ways to keep the body fit. Hiking, Trekking, Tennis, Polo,etc. are some of the common outdoor activities that are adventurous and yet keep the body fit and fine.

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