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9 Ways to Go Green At Your Own Home


What are nine simple things that you can do today to stay green at your house, let’s find out? We all know being environmentally friendly is important but, do we really do anything about it in our daily lives.  Being Eco-Friendly or green doesn’t mean being overwhelming. And these nine tips are not hard and are simple to use every day.


1. Use Natural Approach to Fresh Air


We are all aware of large sources of pollution but, what about the pollution that is found around in our own home. What’s scary is that we use air-fresheners everyday that contain dangerous chemicals. A natural approach maybe greener, safer and cheaper can be like opening windows and doors to let go the bad air and let in fresh air. Boiling household herbs and spices as alternatives to air-fresheners. Or replacing you candle with soy candles. Not only do they burn longer but, they are petroleum free. So, burn them as they won’t pollute or leave those nasty marks on the wall and help you stay green.


2. Turn of your Air Conditioning


If you are tired of paying your extremely high electrical bills then, the only solution is to take a bite out of them and switch off your air-conditioning by keeping a timer on your air-conditioning to switch off on its own while you’re asleep. Air-conditioning systems like the split unit air-conditioning, cassette air-conditioning or central air-conditioning use and take up  a lot of units in your electric  meters and phases. so,  don’t waste energy, go green and keep it in your pocket.


3. Reduce Junk Mail


Millions of trees are cut down every year to create these junk mails like magazines, newspapers and catalogs and billions of money is spend in making them. And, billions of money is spend in disposing them.

i. Opt out using the mail preference service: Opt out of direct marketing mailers by registering with the mail service online.

ii. Stop Catalogs: Remove yourself from the contact list by contacting the companies’ customer care

iii. Opt out of credit card offers that come home as printed at home rather see these online

Not only will you clear the clutter but you will reduce the waste.


4. Use Energy Efficient Bulbs


If every home replaces a light bulb with an energy efficient light bulb then there will be a lot of benefits of going green. We would save so much energy for our future generations this way. Changing one bulb may save 6 billion watts of energy per year. Well, that’s a good deal for most of us, isn’t it! This will prevent greenhouse gasses equivalent to emissions of eight thousand cars. If you want to breath clean air then change your light bulbs.


5. Turn off appliances


Simply turning off your television, computer, etc when not using them will save you thousands of pounds of Carbon per year. Unplugging electronics wires when you’re not using them because even when turned off things like driers, cell phone chargers and television use energy. Unplug your appliances to save on your bills. Why should we let our appliances to simply consume energy for no reason when we are not even using those appliances. Therefore, it is best advised to turn off every electronic appliance when not in use to go green and save energy for our future and to cut down on our bills.


6. Cut Down on Hot water


You can lower you water heating costs by using less of hot water. the best remedy to this action is by keeping your water heaters and geysers on for a limited time and not to keep it on through out your bath. Keeping it on for 5-10 mins just before taking a bath will save upon a lot of energy wastage which will help you go green in your home and save up on those precious bucks of yours.


7. Choose Non-Toxic Shower Curtains


Even the smallest choice such as using of a shower curtain can make a difference. Use non toxic shower curtains instead of toxic ones or the best chose is to use a glass door for your shower area which sealed well with water tight sealed edges so that the water doesn’t leak out.


8. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to Go Green


So, plastic, paper and aluminium should be kept separately in the waste disposal system of your house so that you can go ahead and give them for recycling. Reusing many products for several different reasons can also help you go green. Storing water in glass bottles rather than plastic bottles can help you go green at home as well because plastic takes a lot of time to decompose and sometimes it doesn’t even decompose.


9. Eat Locally


If it is produced close by then there is less costs involved in transportation attached to it. Thus, you will be saving on energy.  This will save on the petroleum reserves as less transportation means less about of oil and gas burned there by saving up petrol for our future generations. Eating locally also means eating seasonally as in a practice with nature.


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