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9 tips for the perfect selfie


Well since you made up till here curbing down your urge downright, there’s no need of being reluctant to the idea. Let’s share a little secret for your sake, “everyone does it”. Yeah, and it’s the thing to flaunt. We all have taken selfies at some point of our life and it wouldn’t be questionable to wonder that you haven’t? You would also feel the sheer thought that it was the word of the year some time ago in the past year. Now that we all know that everyone’s doing it, have it ever crossed your mind what it takes to have the picture-perfect selfie? Because if you’re gonna do it anyway, at least do it right homie.

Here we provide some of the tips to get that ravishing selfie that you always wondered about:

Groom it up

A little splendour grooming trick is always a great help. So if you are going already for the selfie thing this time around, make sure that you’re going on your perfect self! It’s no shame to put a little effort on the beauty line, go forward and condition your hair for the rendezvous charm , put aside the Maybelline and spread some eyeliner. Let it out, and let the world know how it’s done. The selfie, we mean!


Be background wise

There’s nothing greater than a messed up room background, they say. Quite a quote, but certainly not the one for vote. It might be a little glitch on convenience, but a right background does more wonders to a picture than you can think off. No one wants the environment around photo-bombing their selfies, right. Aren’t the friends enough for that?


Keep those hands down, sweety

It might be a real baffling, but find a spot anyhow for the camera. The upright hand selfie is so old school and no one digs that for now. Plus, it spoils the subject i.e.; you. There’s self-timers provided in the camera and smartphones right, why not make use of it for the reason?   And for the spot thing, if you’re not able to find one – you can flat opt for a tripod. Easy solutions, great results.


Keep it clear

If the lenses are clean and clear, that would probably leave out any chances of blurred images. So, make sure you make the camera lens dust free before attempting for the seamless selfie. It can be done using cotton or any lens washing solution available in the market. Also, make sure that your posture is good and not shaky, as it would certainly mean blurry. These wobbles can be avoided by keeping attention of the timer, just make sure your eyes are open and the smile is integral until the last beep is turned off.


Take random, show seldom

That’s the key for those inarticulately jaw-dropping Instagram selfies. Show the best you’ve got, until then click again. Take numerous shots, try different postures and lighting, apply out of the box filters. It’s not the sissy deal; make sure you decide on the one make the followers squeal.


Go creative. Do experiments

And we’re not talking about entering the chemistry lab for some acidic aesthetic experiments, yet it can mean a great place for selfie backgrounds along with some squishy chemicals. Some fantasy? Well what we’re saying that, the selfie does not ends at the curves of your faces or downright edges, make the selfie take a creativity turn. Try on with different angles while choosing one that makes you look best. Talk of multitasking; go on playing with a prop, pursuing an activity, feeding the neighbour’s dog, and taking a selfie every single moment. These don’t only look great and out of the picture, they also serve to be effective conversation starters.


Edit the hell out

Editing is the answer my friends, to all the queries around flawless selfies. And we’re not saying to bake you up in saturation while playing with filters. We mean for you to experiment your way out to the image perfection. Blur out the unwanted and chisel the creaky parts while making sure the filters being applied on are complimenting the picture and not the other way round. Grayscale is also a pretty good escape. You can also give vintage a try, well we would also like to mention nonetheless: don’t bake yourself up on editing.  Excessive editing is always a disaster.


Go minimalistic (and avoid flashes)

This is the part where we tend to mention that cropping is tool not just to resize your picture out of the groupie. Crop is the ultimate answer. For starters, it will help to cut out pointlessly subjected details out of the pictures and bring back the focus to you. A round cut-out selfie is the real thing, if not tried yet: go for it. Also, avoid using flashes, they spoil every detail.


And yes, Crash that mirror

I think you all know that pretty much by now. For starters, going around vicinity of a mirror for that perfect selfie is a rampant imagination. Yes we have seen millions of them, and yes we’re being bold on the statement: the anti-mirror ideology is the staircase towards the eye-catching selfie.


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