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9 Things You’ll Realize When you hit your 20s


Growing up is a funny thing. With accumulating the ages in your life year by year, you add up various experiences, maturities and a bagful of responsibilities. The jokes become more intimate and funny than they were back in your childhood; things get more serious than used to be before. At times, it’s fun and at times, it’s a signal to catastrophe. Well, that’s how life works.

Here we enlist you some of the things which you’ll realize if you just reached your 20s. It’s like a shout out to all the teenagers who are on their way to adult-hood. This is for you, fellas.

The movies that you watched and Books that you’ve read become so lot different, weird and better when you grow up

When you go over something that you’ve read and seen in your childhood once again when you’re on another phase of your life, things slowly begin to make senses. All those jokes that you missed and all the dark background and whimsical humour that were a certain amiss are like a Pandora box when you finally reach adulthood. Now, with the added knowledge everything is just so much better.


You can always pursue your hobbies

There are no boundaries to be in, or any wall to climb up. The whole arena belongs to you know, so that you can always go for the wild and new. Find anything that you like, be it, master it, and stick with it for your own creative pleasure.

The budding prospect behind the criticism

You’ll get to know that at some point of your life, you’ll get criticized and you will get over it. Just because someone doesn’t like your work doesn’t mean it’s an end for the thing. It just means you still have area for improvement. You’ll understand slowly that criticism is nothing but a helping hand in the long run and chaos, a ladder.

Things that matter doesn’t have a price tag

This is something that comes with age, and you’ll only know better when you finally start having a mature thought of the things that workout around your being. Money is not always an issue, and the things you’ll buy with those will become valuable with the feelings and not the price tag.


Taking responsibility in your own hands

It’s one of the characteristics of being a mature person.  You’ll learn to take responsibility for the actions of your being, and sometimes even for the one you didn’t mean to do in the first place. More about the dodging the blame, you’ll learn how to do Damage control. This is something you get to realise when you reach your 20s, as it’s the time when the burden is on your shoulder.

This is a big world and you’re just a piece

You’ll know that the world is not a mere piece that can be grabbed with a tangential ferocity. It’s far bigger than you would have imagined it to be, and you’re just a mere citizen living in a part of its terrain. There’s always something to learn, and something to try. How big of explorer you are, there will always be something that you can look forward too. It’s such an amazing feeling to think about it.

The world is a global village and you’re an important being

You’ll get to know that there is a beauty in its vastness, and is endorsed with variety of people with different cultures and lifestyle. Yet, every information is right in front of you and you can go anywhere and everywhere. All you need is the thrill for travelling adventures. And while you’ll go around different terrains and meet new people there will always be something connecting you with the way they live. That’s the whole point of nourishing the idea.


The world doesn’t revolve around you

Living with your parents makes you the epicentre of all the luxurious lifestyle. But as you keep your foot in the outside world, you’ll get to know that not everyone agrees with your point of view. And you’ll learn that they don’t even need to. That only gives you the progressive aggressive motivation to question your opinion and carve it into the best you can offer. It creates an opportunity to grow. And with that you’ll learn the perks of agreeing to disagree, and how it helps you to create the path you’ve decide to walk into.


The craving for success

There will always be motivators in your life, may it be social or political figures, or someone in your native area, or just your brothers and sisters whose work will inspire you time and again. But that won’t let you have the pass to compare to the standards they’ve acquired. It’s their hard work and they will get the credit for it. And that idea will give you the craving for your own success, your own benchmark in a particular field of work. And that stubbornness will help you to gain something better for yourself.


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