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9 Things to Avoid in First Dates


Dating is a miraculous prospect. But there are several things to keep in mind before going on a date. It’s not a dating website and we’re not some rock-on love guru giving you dating advice about how to be the complete package to rock his/her feet off the roof while just passing by to have a seat. We just happen to be people who believe in the cause of dating, and the prospect it brings upon ourselves (Yes, we’re talking about the same you’re thinking about.)

Yet there’s a lot to mention about what to do to grab attention of the other person on the table, we’re here to provide some of the things that should not be done ever while going for your first date. Ever. Cross check again. Never Ever in your line of first dates.

Drinking Tequila

Strictly Taboo. There is no reason to bring tequila into the picture of your first date offering. Also it includes margaritas, sunrises, any cocktails including tequila with or off someone’s body. Yes, we know the potential of a strong shot of tequila.

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Talk about your past relationships

There should be ban on mentioning of any other past relationship on first dates, let alone mentioning any details about the exes. If you want to just nod to their existence and bury them wherever they are.  If your date happens to like something of your outfit, don’t hop up and say your ex got this for you. If your date tries to mention their likes and dislikes about their favourite movies, books or music, just don’t try to mention anything correlated to the liking you shared in the past with person who is now in the past. Exes are meant to be external, so don’t make them a part of something where they are factually inapt. Nuff said.


Talk about their past relationships

There you go, keeping another in the grave. What you are seeing as a normal conservation off your curiosity is being regarded as a nosey business. You don’t want to give your first impression as a prier in someone’s personal life. So keep out of it. Sure you would want to know what their last choice was all about, but there are always better options to look forward to rather than prying your way into interrogation. Do what’s necessary and stalk them on social media instead.


Being flashy

You’re out on your date, and not on a prom dance. Stop digging those high heels and flashy jackets. Just be casually normal.


TOO much skin on Display

Well as the quote goes, you should always leave something to the imagination, which is agreeable to a certain point. Yet there is also another quote to go by and as a firm believer of Beyonce, if you’ve got it you must flaunt it. But there is also another thing to keep in mind that all the skin show is for the good, but little wardrobe malfunctions over starters might mean something real bad. Too good too soon.


Show your true nature

In short, being a bitch. Everyone knows you have it in you, but that doesn’t mean you’ve to showcase it in your first date. Don’t talk about how ugly the dressing sense is of a certain girl by your table, or how you pushed that hoe who tried to get off the line in the washroom. And just don’t care to mention anything that your slut friend had to do with your ex-boyfriend. That is just like two shots down the hole. Plus, the waitress is nice enough to serve you, don’t be cocky around her, passing rude comments as she could anytime spit on your food before you care to notice. Well, that is just too much to ask for but it’s in the best interest of your own self.

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Pretend like a Questionnaire

This is not a random version of a pack of questions. Don’t make yourself and the person you’re accompanying edgy and stroppy. Stop overthinking about anything in usual and try to keep things calm and casual.


Bringing the big M in the line

There should be not even needed of mentioning such a queer detail but we have to do so. As it’s one of the most common silly mistakes people do to ruin their first dates. You want to have a good time and not to scare off anyone by bringing marriage into the conversation in your first date. Cut the damn thing out of picture and if you have been careless enough to mention- make something to get the hell out of the damn topic. More often than not, that shit is Scary.


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