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9 Simple Pleasures Of Life


Simple pleasures of life are the ones which really make a difference and make our day a happy one . We all have heard that the best things in life are free, but they usually aren’t noticed. All of us desire something big in the hope that after we get that we will be happy. But after getting that thing your heart moves to the next thing and you continue to circle. In this vicious circle does the big happy ending come about? I guess not. But the small pleasures of life can.

We are all in pursuit of happiness . The sentence itself explains it that we focus on gaining eternal happiness, but we shut our eyes or refuse to recognise the small pleasures which truly make our day . Hence, here is a list of some things which provide us happiness: 1. Music : Imagine a day without music . I can’t. If you can, then you are lying. You can’t get rid of it because it’s everywhere. Even if you are not  listening to music through your phone or television, it’s still playing in your head every now and then . It soothes you and brings a sense of relief. People listen to it everytime and anytime,while walking , jogging in the morning , partying at a club or home and in all kinds of moods. IMG-20140714-WA0005 2. Food : When your stomach is craving for food and you actually have it, the feeling is just overwhelming. A persons favourite food does the same magic too. Nothing can beat the happiness one gets when the smell of food reaches his nostrils and the delicious taste is a delight to the mouth .

3. Friends and family : Hanging out with people close to us has always been and always will be fun. Nothing can beat the small moments like teasing someone , playing a prank , playing games and laughing together at silly things. Having a day at home in summer holidays or coming back from work after a hectic day , these people will surely make you have a good time .

4. Sleep : Each one of us loves the sight of a fresh clean bed after a tiresome day. Having a sound sleep and dancing in the dream world are things we all love. Then there’s this other lot of people who can sleep anytime, for them sleeping is comparable to heaven. But for all folks alike sleeping is the most desired pleasure on Earth .



5. Your favourites : Be it your favourite ice cream flavour, your favourite chocolate, song , place or thing ,they never fail to bring a smile on your face and blossom your heart . You just feel like bouncing and there are a lot of memories attached to your favourite thing. After all it is more than just a thing for you .

6. Outings : New place, new surroundings ,fresh air , don’t we all crave for it ? They just erase off the tension in your mind and recharge your batteries. Be it alone or in a group both have their own pleasures . The distance does not mean anything, the outing can be in the corner side coffee shop or a far off picnic spot .

7. Reunion : Old friends or acquaintances when show upon us unexpectedly, they just give us immense pleasure and time to rejoice old moments while creating new ones. Planned reunions give you an occasion to dress for and a day back from your childhood to relive. The people who accept you and love the way you are will be near you and it’s gonna be a hell lot of a day which you will never forget. A day you’ll cherish forever .

8. Finding an old lost thing : While searching for something else ,suddenly out of the blue when one finds something else lost a long time back it manages to bring a smile on our face. The importance of thing in present scenario doesn’t matter ,the fact that you found it does . If the thing to be found is money , it’s like a jackpot .

9. Stargazing : Be it a kid or an adult , all of us stare at the stars in amazement mixed with the feeling of awe . Some get pleasure by counting them , others by enjoying time with a loved one rest by gazing them while their mind wanders about on everything that exists in this world and can exist outside this world .


Singing in the shower, getting the bigger piece of some eatable , walking in the grass , watching the ‘ I’m proud of you child ‘ look on the face of parents and many more . There is an unending list of these moments that sprinkle happiness into peoples life every now and then . Thinking about those moments is a happy feeling. So, don’t just stop here, keep adding your own personal favourite moments or maybe the exotic ones to the list so that it makes sense in your case too . A personalized list for every one does exist and creating it is itself a pleasure you can experience . Next time whenever you are surrounded by the myth that you don’t have any happy moments in your life , take out time to flashback the day and you’ll surely find that one of these simple pleasures did make your day wonderful, you just didn’t realize.

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