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9 similarities between books and serials


Books and serials are different yet alike. One is on paper and other is on screen. But what makes them similar is that only people with patience can finish them. It is not a 2 hour movie, it is not a short story- they are a long commitment. Only people with patience and utmost love for novels can read 500 pages of a novel without raising their head. Only few people can watch 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S without getting bored. Here are the 9 similarities between books and serials-

1) The wait

Remember how people used to flock the bookstores at 4 am in the morning to grab the latest Harry Potter edition? Nowadays, people are increasing the net traffic by watching Game Of Thrones, season 4, online after much wait. This wait is torturous. We wait and wait and when the moment finally comes we are ecstatic. As soon as anybody buys a new book or downloads a serial, you run off to them to borrow them.


2) Characters

Books have characters we can relate to and serials have characters we want to be with. The characters make us smile, laugh and cry. Who can forget Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Phoebe and Monica of F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Similarly who can forget Harry Potter or the characters of Secret Seven? The characters are not real but still they become a part of our lives. We start thinking about their problems as our own. We start hoping for good things to happen – Don`t kill Harry, don`t make Ross end up with Emily. The only difference is the characters of the book we have to imagine ourselves while on serials they are in front of us!

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3) Never ending story

Story of both books and serials is like a roller coaster ride. There are ups and down. Unlike a movie which ends in 2 hours, serials and books go on for a long time. We eagerly wait to turn the next page and we fill the Facebook with requests like- waiting for next season of Sherlock Holmes. There story goes on forever in our heart.


4) No skipping or fast forwarding

Every page and every episode is important. You can`t just fast forward to the next part. What if the protagonist gets killed in this one page/scene? ; What if a new character is introduced? – You can just never leave anything. Every word completes a novel and every dialogue is an integral part of a serial. You can`t ignore them and go straight to the ending.


5) Twists and turns

The story is never simple, and that is why we love books and serials. There is love, betrayal, suspense and shock. What happens next? This question always occupies our mind. Joey loves Rachel?! ; Scarlett never marries Ashley? (Gone with the wind); Kate sues her mother for the rights of her body? (My sister`s keeper). These surprising turns of events make a book worth reading and a serial worth watching.


6) Addictive

We get hooked on to books and serials like drugs. We can`t sleep at night without watching one episode or reading 20 pages of book. We fail every time we decide to put the book or laptop down! We end up reading half of the book and watching a complete season. Eyes are strained and headaches but still we get a good night sleep.


7) Becomes a part of you

You almost shut down your social life when you are engaged in either of these. Your life is the book till you reach the last page. You can`t go anywhere else till you have watched the last episode of the last season. You live the story with the characters. If the protagonist in Danielle Steele`s novel romances, you feel your own heart fly. You are happy too when Monica proposes Chandler. You can never rest till you know how it ends.


8) Existential crisis

I just finished a serial. Voila! This is the last page. What now? You start panicking. What will you do with your life now? You become desperate for anything that will fill that void. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is over, move to HIMYM. Done with Jeffrey Archer novels, buy the books of Danielle Steele. Your life comes at halt and you wish in some parts of your heart that the story should never have ended. You wish you could turn the pages forever or Benedict Cumberbatch never stops acting. This is one crisis no friend can get you out (Unless they have a new novel or a new serial).


9) Treasure them

We keep a stock of all our books. We have it all in our cupboard- secret seven books, Dan Brown books, Paulo Coelho books and every other book we have ever bought. Our hard disk is the most prized possession. It is filled with folders of many serials. Our biggest fear is the virus. We don’t lend it to people who have virus in their laptops. We don’t lend our books to people who usually return the book with earmarked pages. The reason we treasure them is to ensure they are there the next time we need them. We can read a book countless times and it will still seem new to us. We can always watch a serial again and it will always make us laugh. They neither get old nor boring.


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