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9 Signs that distinguish Love and Lust


It is always a tricky task when you are asked to distinguish between love and lust. Most of the times people get confused with their own emotions and end up considering love as a feeling of lust and hence screwing up their established relationship while some of them have their misconceptions about love and consider the feeling of lust as a lovey dovey feeling and in the process they mess up things for them and their partners. So the big question is how do we distinguish between love and lust? What could key signs possibly help you judge whether you are in love or is it mere infatuation? Here is a look down at some of the signs which will help you distinguish between love and lust.


Signs which distinguish love and lust

The eyes say it all

Yes, this is the best way to find out your own emotions. When the feeling is true and you are in love, you tend to have a lot more eye contact than what you have when the feeling is a mere lusty one. When people have the feeling of lust, they are least bothered to look into the eyes of their partners and say that they love them. The main focus for them is usually the physical assets of their partner and their eyes simply refuse to move away from the body of their partner.

The way you communicate

Believe it or not, people in love do develop a very strong telepathy between them. Even if they are not the most expressive, their feelings are easily understood by one another. When you are in love, you do tend to understand the deep serenity of silence. It might sound a little melodramatic but this is how the things are! On the other hand, when the people are in lust, they have no understanding of what their partner’s aspirations and expectations are. All they focus is on making love. Conversation, in the case of partners in lust, is more of a prelude to physical intimacy rather than an important intimate experience in its own right.

This is how the mind works!

When two people are in lust, they tend to play mind games in order to get close and intimate with their partners. They have this intimacy craving in their mind which provokes them to play tricks on their partners so that they could make their partners feel jealous. Lusty people are manipulative and have a desire to be more strategic. On the contrary, if you are in love, your focus is not making your partner feel green with envy but you tend to focus on seeing them happy. There is a feeling of mutual trust between you and your partner.

love lust 1

Perseverance is the key

No matter how strong your relationship is, you are always sure to be tested by some hard times. The people in love persevere and stick to their partners and understand the hard times and come out with a solution. However, if the feeling is of mere lust, the tricky times could easily t=yield a break up in most of the cases. The people is lust show no interest to get the things back on track and treat their relationship as a minor one. They have the feeling that if one relationship gets over, they can always start another. But people in love treasure their feeling and no matter how hard the times are, they remain together.

Does love kill lust?

This is a very common question that might come in the mind of every person. The answer is probably no. but it might kill lust at times. Sometimes you get too much into the emotional melodrama and end up confusing yourselves. You start forgetting the needs of your own body. The idea that an emotional friendship will kindle intimacy drive is not entirely accurate. Feeling safe and connected emotionally is typically good for romance, because both partners need to be able to relax and be vulnerable to deepen their physical relationship. But within that context of overall safety and trust, partners need to know how to turn on the uncomfortable zone of their physical intimacy as well, to keep things exciting to the more instinctive part of the brain.

What about your family?

When the two people have a lusty feeling among them, they are generally not bothered about what their partner is about or what their family background is. They show least interest in knowing their partner’s family members or even their names for that matter. They have their focus only on physical gratification. However, if your partner loves you indeed, they would be very much interested in knowing your family background, your childhood life, your past and many other things. They want to understand each other’s past and the nuances of current life experiences.

Can the transformation take place?

There are always chances that your love might get transformed to lust and the vice versa. Maintaining the right blend and rapport between the two is equally important. A love life without lust is never going to prosper. You got to love your partner by admiring them in every aspect, even the physical one.


There is a very thin line between love and lust. Most of us get confused between the two. Make a right choice and know what type of a relationship are you in!

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