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9 Reasons Kolkata is the CITY OF JOY in India


Kolkata City Of Joy: Beautiful Bengal

Moist weather, fish curries, agarbatti aromas, sweet mishtis…art, culture, history and dance all are in one land Bengal. West Bengal the state of Bengalis in India is rich in art, food, and culture. During partition back then Bengal was divided into two parts, one was East Bengal while the other West Bengal. East Bengal is now Bangladesh with the majority of Muslim Bengalis while the west Bengal is in India having Hindu Bengalis. Kolkata is the capital city and the main hub center where the action takes place. It is a Metropolitan city and is quite populated. It is called CITY OF JOY because Fun Food and Festivity all is found there. Kolkata city can never leave you disheartened. As a tourist, there are soo many places to visit and explore. This city is a place for tourists since it is excellent in hospitality. People are sweet as the Bengali sweets and Hotels are easily available. Climate is moist and breezy. Mostly humid but best is to visit during winters.

(1) Heritage and History

Kolkata was formerly called as Calcutta. It is a heritage city. Before independence, British ruled so the city has a lot of British victorian architecture around the city. There are still old buildings, monuments, offices, churches, etc all in victorian design. The city is famous for its yellow embassador taxies aswell. Trams were the main means of transport that ran around the city. There are still old trams seen today running in selective parts of the city with a very cheap fare. Hand pulling rickshaws are also found in Kolkata. There are so many streets which are named after Victorian/British names and personalities. For example, Sir Stuart Hogg Market, Charlie Chaplin Road, etc. Kolkata has the biggest race course. Horse races are often organized.

(2) Howrah Bridge

This bridge is the Rabindra Setu bridge which was made with steel and has no support beneath.It just goes across the river Ganges.

Howrah Bridge, Kolkata
Howrah Bridge, Kolkata

(3) Bengali Food

Bengali people are born as foodies. They love eating and feeding their guests. Food is an important part of the life if Bengalis. The main food which common Bengalis love to eat is Fish&rice. Mostly all Bengalis eat Fish. Fish is the main Bengali food. All kinds of fish dishes are prepared. Special Fishes like Roi Maach, Papda, Promphet, Tangra, Prawns, Ilish, etc are some of the common fishes eaten. Kolkata is a place where food is available in variety and quantity. The Biryanis (Flavored Steamed Rice) is a popular Muslim dish but is famous allover the city. The Biryani is light, aromatic and this biryani is different from the usual Hyderabadi spicy biryanis. EggRolls are also famous in

EggRolls are also famous in Kolkata. Apart from these, the city has famous fine dining restaurants. Bhojari Manna is one of the best Bengali restaurants if you want to taste authentic Bengali food. Famous Biryani outlets are Royal Biryani , Aliya, Aminea, Arsalaan, Haji saheb, etc who sell authentic Nawabi cuisine. Other Famous Bengali dishes are Luchi Torkaari, Radha bolovi (Breakfast dishes -Poori and Vegetable curry), Prawn Malai curry, Fish Cutlets, Moori, Ghonto, Mustard seed Fish Curry, etc. Every corner in Kolkata has a fast food center. If you want to try authentic Chinese food then visit Tangra China town. This place has Indian Chinese people and is famous for authentic Chinese restaurants. Normally the simple lunch is Yellow Dal (lentils), Fish and aaloo bhaja (Potato fries).

kolkata the city of joy
Bengali food

(4) Bengali Art & Culture

Well, it is said legends and talented persons are born in Bengal. Well, it is true. Famous Poet/writer/author Rabindranath Tagore was born here. Bengalis are very talented and are into arts and literature. They are intellectual and creative. Mostly Bollywood singers are from Bengal. Kolkata is the main city for Tollywood (Bengali Regional film industry). Kolkata has many art centers and conducts many exhibitions. Drama, Kathak dance and singing concerts are also seen round the year. If you are a lover of art, music, and literature you should visit Kolkata. ‘Nandan’ is a famous art theater.

(5) Tourist Attractions

Kolkata has soo many tourist places. Victoria Memorial is the famous museum famous for its victorian architecture and garden. Around victoria memorial, carriage rides are also available. Birla Planetorium, Theme parks like Science City, Eco Park, Nicco park, Doll Museum, Zoo, etc are always full with tourist round the year.

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata
Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

(6) Bengali SWEETS

Bengali have a sweet tooth. They are fish lovers and sweet lovers too. Bengali sweets are different from the common Indian sweets. Rasgulla is the Signature Bengali sweet (Roshogulla) which is cottage cheese ball shaped dipped in sweet syrup. Sondesh another famous Bengali sweet is made up of Milk, Coconut, and milkmaid. Mostly Bengali sweets are made up of milk. PathiShapta, Poolipeetha, Moa, Naaru, etc. Many sweets are made up of brown sugar as well. Bengali also love Mishti Doi that means sweet curd. It comes with a thick layer and is delicious.

(7) Markets

Kolkata has many Fish markets where you can see fresh fish being sold. Since Kolkata is a port city and situated near the Bay Of Bengal. Shopping markets are also in variety. Kolkata comes in one of those cities where Indian brides do their trousseau shopping. New Market, Hogg Market, Esplanade is famous for bargaining market. Sir Stuart Hogg market is a closed covered market like a middle eastern bazaar. It has old famous shops including clothes stores, confectionery shops, cutlery, hosiery, footwears and the famous Naohms bakery. Malls like Forum Inox, South City Mall, City Centre, Quest mall, etc are some of the famous ones.

(8) Christmas & New Years

Kolkata city has many catholic Christians and Anglo-Indians. So Christmas is celebrated in a very grand style. The best month to visit Kolkata is between December to January. The whole city is decked up with decorations and lights. There are plenty of churches and during Christmas, bakeries are full of plum cakes, marzipans, rose cookies, etc. Localities and tourists all go around for a walk in the main city especially in the Newmarket and Park street area. It is fully decorated and cars are not allowed on that day. Everyone enjoys the festivity whole night. The Biggest Santa is decorated in New Market. Restaurants, cafes, Hotels all are full during this time. The festivity continues till New Years. On New Year’s eve, Kolkata is famous for hosting dance shows, live shows, 31st-night party, Dj parties, etc. There are a huge craze and rush in all hotels and main party clubs.It is best to visit during this time.

(9) Durga Puja

This is the main festival of Bengalis. During August or October, this festival lies according to the Hindu calendar. Prayers are made to the Hindu Goddess Durga. Bengalis believe in Durga Ma a lot. This festival is a 10-day festival. A different concept of Tents is designed by professionals who showcase The Goddess in a new form. People each day visit these Pandals (Tents) to seek blessings. White with red border saree is the main dress code of Bengalis. During the festival, the ladies put crimson vermillion powder on each other. Aarti (candles) are performed with the drum dance. This is a worth watching festival.

Durga Puja Celebrations in Kolkata
Durga Puja Celebrations in Kolkata
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  1. Yes you also right (Telugu cinema, also known by its sobriquet Tollywood) but Bengali Tollywood is also right( Indian Bengali language film industry based in the Tollygunge region of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The origins of the nickname Tollywood, a portmanteau of the words Tollygunge and Hollywood, dates back to 1932.)

    Although the Bengali industry’s Gross Box-office is smaller, when compared to large market driven industries of the country such as Bollywood, Telugu cinema, Tamil cinema and Malayalam cinema the Bengali film industry is known for producing many of Indian cinema’s most critically acclaimed global Parallel Cinema and art films, with several of its filmmakers gaining international acclaim, and prominence at the Indian National Film Awards. Modern Bengali cinema is known for re-inventing the cinematic norms from the poetically theoretical to the in-your-face physical and romantic fantasies, that which is evident in the western world.

    It is just information sharing purpose.

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