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9 Reasons why you should go fishing



The feel of a fighting fish, the pursuing, the challenge and the thrill of the catch. Fishing can be fun in so many ways. But there’s so much more to it than just having fun. Fishing can be looked at in so many ways. It can teach you a few life lessons, give you a chance to be a responsible citizen towards the aquatic environment. It is a good way to relax and nick in some peace and calm into your busy and fast pace life, an excellent way to make memories, an excuse to bond with family or friends. It can help you de-stress and motivate you towards a healthier lifestyle or you can look at it simply as a fulfilling way to enjoy a meal of fresh catch. It is an undertaking you won’t regret.

So here are 9 reasons why you should go fishing-

1) Peace and calm-

Fishing is a good and environment friendly way to bring in some peace and calm into your busy, fast pace life. Just get away from everything and enjoy some peace and calm out in the water. Take a day off and take out the boat and spend the whole day just fishing. It’s as simple as that. Grab a can of soda, put your feet up and just sit on the bank and relax. Enjoy the quiet and the calm.

2) Memories-


A fishing trip can make great memories. So gather your friends or family and go have some good time. Share the good moments. You can even have a little competition. See who made the first catch or bet on the number. Make a little fishing story to be told time and again- about that big one you caught, the one that finned you or the one that got away. Exaggeration is allowed, most fishing stories are exaggerated anyway.

3) The thrill-

the thrill

It is the basic reason why people go fishing. The challenge and the thrill of it. The fun of it all, that’s what matters the most. Most anglers will agree this is the major reason why they go fishing. The hooking, the pursuing, the wait, the feel of a fighting fish and the triumph of the catch or the pain of failure- take all of it.

4) Bonding-


Fishing is a good excuse to bond with your family. Sharing a fishing experience helps strengthen relationships with family and friends and everyone can fish- mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles. Whatever differences you might have in the family, for that time being, you are out there, united in one goal- to fish. Having a common goal helps bring everyone together. So coax everyone in the house to go have some bonding time.

5) Healthier way of life-

Fishing will most definitely help you burn those unwanted calories. Being outside and being active helps encourage a healthier way of life. So get out your fishing rod and get outside, instead of sitting indoors in front of the TV. Motivate yourself towards a healthier and better lifestyle.

6) De-stress-


Fishing is a nice and wise way to de-stress. A change of scene, the feel of freedom, away from work and just interacting with nature. It will help to release you from the stress of work and life.  There is nothing like a day spent interacting with nature, it brings on the sense of being alive like nothing else. Even if you don’t get very lucky, a bad day of fishing still beats a hectic day in the office or one stuck at home doing hardly anything useful.

7) Life lessons-

life lessons

If you look at it, it’s like having a life lesson on the bank. The chase ends up teaching you so many valuable things like patience and persistence. It’s a small and calm way of experiencing life. The fish that refused to give in and fought till the end, the one that tricked you will have taught you a valuable life lesson. Learn from the experience.

8) Taste your catch-


There’s something about the taste of your own catch. It’s a funny human thing but you see how it is, most people will agree their own catch tastes so much better. The same type of fish and maybe even the same size bought from the market just will not taste the same. So bring home the catch and treat your family to a grand feast. Everyone will appreciate. You’re the hero of the day.

9) Be a conservationist-

Anglers play an important role in protecting and conserving the aquatic environment. They know what goes on in the waters they fish in and are often the first to notice and report pollution incidents, anything unusual, any environmental issues that need addressing. Many government departments rely on voluntary information given to them by anglers in their respective areas. Anglers therefore are some of the foremost wildlife conservationists out there. So there, there’s one good role you could play while having fun.

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