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“Healthy body leads to healthy living”

Exercise in simple words is defined as that physical activity, which maintains our health and also mental status. Exercise can be done in any form like in the form of dance, cardio workout, brisk walking etc. It is also scientifically proven that daily workout improves our immune system, reduces the risk of the no. of diseases and also prevents depression. So here are the basic 10 reasons, that why exercise should be included in our daily routine.

  1. Happiness

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It has been proven by well known researchers that doing exercise in a daily routine keeps a person away from the negative thoughts. Also we will notice that how our mood is improved after a small workout. It has also been said that the brain releases some sort of chemicals namely endorphins during the physical workout and because of that the individual feels good from inside. Comparatively, those who don’t include workout in their daily routine are less active and also less cheerful than those who spend a small amount of their valuable time in doing some sort of physical activity.

  1. Feel energized

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Second basic reason to include exercise in your daily routine is that we feel active and also more energized. Physical workout also improves the blood flow of our body and also increases the oxygen level. Through this there is a great boost in our metabolic rate and so because of that our energy level is increased upto a significant level. So a person should indulge in workout either in morning or evening so that we remain active and also more energized throughout our full day.

  1. Improves overall appearance

Exercising not only improves our metabolic rate or keeps us energized the full day but also helps us to look good in our appearance. It is a myth that only healthy eating is essential to look good, exercise or physical workout is also equally important. It also reduces our stress level upto a great extent and also tones our body so that we look our best and feel confident from inside. It is rightly said that if a person is not happy or cheerful from inside, he can never look his best. It also increases the oxygen level to keep our skin glowing.

       4.  Sleep


In today’s hectic and stressful lifestyle, many people struggle from sleep ailments. Many times it happens that we are up the whole night and not able to sleep properly. Also many of us don’t know that our body temperature is high during daytime and it decreases as the day passes. And whenever our body temperature reaches its low value, it signals our body that its time to sleep. So daily exercising increases our body temperature and we tend to sleep at a right time. So workout and sound sleep are more or less related to each other.

  1. Stress Relief

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Exercise has been proved to be a great stress reliever for an individual.  It is said that exercise increases the hormone epinephrine and also increases the blood flow of our body. Because of this we become more active and also more alert. So when we are more active, we are able to deal with the stress more effectively. Not only this, there are some hormones namely, ‘feel good hormones’ which are released during physical workout. If we exercise on a daily routine we tend to be more relaxed even after a stressful day.

  1. Longer life

Researchers have shown that doing workout on a daily routine increases the life expectancy. It helps to decreases our stress level and also increases our heart rate, improves our immune system to a great extent and ultimately increasing our life span. When we feel good from inside and when we are disease free, it leads to a longer life for sure. So for a healthy living and longer life span, daily workout aur some sort of physical activity should be included.

  1.  Weight loss

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Exercise can be done in any form say dancing, brisk walking for 30 mins. ,climbing stairs etc, it ultimately leads to weight loss. It also improves the body flexibility and also muscular contractions when we indulge in some sort of stretching or yoga activity. We tend to loose calories to a great extent by doing any sort of physical workout. We can then get into a great shape and look our best and feel confident.

  1. Disease free body

It has been proven that physical workout improves the circulation of our white blood cells which our body needs to fight with the harmful bacteria that makes us sick. So we can see that one of the major reasons to include exercise in our daily routine is to prevent ourselves from getting sick. Even if we are sick, daily exercise speeds up our recovery from any injury or surgery too.

  1.  Improves concentration

In order to follow precisely our daily routine, it is very important for us to stay alert and active whole day. It has been proven that daily workout improves our immune system , our blood flow. Not only this, due to this our hormones too are at optimum level, so in short it increases our concentration level and keeps us focused.

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