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9 Reasons to Add Eggs in your Diet


Eggs are considered as the superfoods which contain a large number of different nutrients which are hard to find in today’s modern day life. They are very helpful in increasing our health.  Apart from maintaining health women use the yolk to increase the length of hair., eggs keeps the hair shine and maintain the growth of hair. Beauty conscious women never fails to add eggs in their fridge and use them regularly for their hair. If you don’t like eggs in your diet, here are the reasons why should add them.



Eggs are very nutritious, they contain various types of vitamins. It contains Vitamin A or Retinol which is good for your eyesight. In boiled eggs, vitamin A is present as 6% of the RDA. It contains Vitamin B2 or riboflavin which helps your body to break down food into energy. In boiled eggs it is present as 15% of the RDA. Next in the list is Vitamin B12 or cobalamin which is vital for producing red blood cells and in boiled eggs, it is present as 9 % of the RDA. It also contains Vitamin E or tocopherol which helps in fighting the free radicals which are responsible for cellular and tissue damage. These free radicals are the ones which are responsible for cancer. Boiled eggs also contains a perfect amount of other vitamins like Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Vitamin B6. Vitamin A and B2 are very important for cell growth and hence all the more reason to serve eggs to your kids.

2. Proteins:


Apart from vitamins eggs also contains various proteins which are good for your health. It contains essential amount of amino acids. It is reported that eggs contains 77 calories, 6 grams of proteins and 5 grams of healthy fats. Amino acids should be taken in diet as it is necessary for health. So start eating eggs and get fit and healthy. Eggs can be taken in various ways like white omelets and boiled eggs. Eggs are also added sometimes with other foods like haka noodles and others and make the food yummier. White omelets are sometimes added with breads to add more taste.

3. Minerals:


Not only vitamins and proteins, eggs also contain various minerals like phosphorus, iron and zinc in a very decent amount. Minerals are the vital components for our body system. Zinc is important as it regulates our immune system. Iron is important as it keeps you full of energy. Phosphorus is important as it keeps our bones and teeth healthy and fine. It also contains amount of selenium which is an antioxidant against the risk of cancer.

4. Eyesight:

Talking about more benefits of eggs, it keeps our eyesight regular and don’t let degrade it. Actually, two antioxidants are present in eggs that is leutin and zeaxanthin which protect eyes from UV exposure and avoid the damage to eyes. Eggs also save us from cataract problems in old age. So better start eating eggs.

5. Memory

It’s another benefits include the development of brain and memory. Eggs contain choline which is an important nutrient for the body. This nutrient helps in building the cell membrane. It also play an important role in producing signaling molecules in the brain. It is reported that eggs contains more than 100 mg of choline. Thus to increase memory retention and recall start adding eggs to your healthy diet.

6. weight loss

Studies says that, eggs e=helps in reducing the weight upto a great extent. After eating eggs it gives the feeling of fullness. This feeling reduce more intake of calorie and hence helps in reducing the weight. It is said that regular intake of eggs helps in reducing weight in just eight weeks. Thus it gives you necessary mineral, vitamins and proteins plus helps in reducing the weight.

7. Inexpensive:


Eggs are really inexpensive. Hey are not costly as other foods to get these incredible components in just one. Eggs are superfood and can fulfill your stomach well with all the nutrients necessary for eyes, brain and heart. Hence eggs are more budget friendly than any other food available.

8. Reduce Heart problems:

Eggs known to reduce heart problems upto a great extent as it does not contain a heavy amount of cholesterol. Hence, eggs are free of cholesterol problems. But there is an exception for diabetic patients, they should consume eggs in less amount as it can create more heart problems than the normal people. There is a HDL cholesterol, High Density Lipoprotein which is termed as good cholesterol and eggs help in increasing that cholesterol and lowers the amount of bad cholesterol that is LDL.

9. Reduce the risk of cancer:

Studies says that, yolk of egg contains choline nutrient which helps in reducing the risk of cancer. It is reported that 25 % of women like to have less risk of breast cancer than the normal women who don’t eat eggs. Eggs are incredible substance to eat and get everything in just one food. Knowing all this, one should start eating eggs as soon as possible and in a decent amount.

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