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9 compulsive behaviour of people obsessed with their weight


Overweight. Obesity. The scariest words for anybody obsessed with their weight and figure. We might have met people like them and many of them might have been overlooked by us, when in reality, they are secretly worrying about their physique. It is not something very strange, since people are sometimes judgmental and unknowingly make crude remarks about one’s physical appearance and hence there is an increasing need to look good. But what are the thoughts that goes through a person who is conscious about his/her weight? Here’s a slight peek into their head.


1. Check calorie content

Say, a new flavour of their favourite brand of chips is out. This is what they think, ‘Wow! I should totally check this out! Let me just take a look at the calories table… Wait! WHAT! No way I’m going to eat this. It has too mush fat and carbs!’ They just can’t help it. They have to know the calorie they intake after consuming anything. And if they cant view the amount in the cover (in cases like vegetables or fruits), they look it up in the Internet and take measured quantity of the said eatable. It gets to a point of obsession, where they rant off the calories of everything on the table during a dinner at a restaurant or at home, much to the discomfort of their friends.

2. Check weight regularly

When I say regularly, I don’t mean periodically, but at every chance they get. They check when they wake up, after a bath, after intake of food, at every possible opportunity. An increase by a couple hundred of grams would freak them out, and that would result in lesser intake of food. At times, they even consult WebMD (an American corporation which provides health information services), to find out why they are ‘unnaturally’ gaining those hundred grams. They sometimes do intense workouts to burn off the excess fat.

3. Compare with other people who cross their line of vision

Okay, this might sound weird, but it actually happens. Similar to how we compare our physique with movie stars, these people take it a new level and compare with random strangers who come across them. ‘Am I fatter than that one? I hope not. The attire looks really good on them. I would like to wear something like that, and if I am fatter, it would look awful…’ And if they feel that they are tad bit plumper than the said person, their eyes search around for another individual to compare with.

4. Become secretly happy when they spot someone plumper than themselves

Remember how I said that they would search for another individual to compare with? Well, if the next one they lay eyes on is stouter than they are, they can’t be any more happier. They are joyous to realize that there is someone who is portly than they are (despite having that revelation many times before). And, for the time being, that would stop their search for individuals to compare.

5. Eat something with high calorific value and regret their actions


Sometimes the urges are too strong, that they end up consuming something with really high calorific value. After a sumptuous meal (or a snack, as the case may be) and a stupor of satisfied sluggishness, they realise what they have done and embark into self-deprecation. They worry endlessly on their actions and condemn themselves, promising that they would never, ever, ever eat anything that would make them fat. If only it were always true.

6. Google extensively on negative calorific foods

Did you even know there is something like negative calorific foods? Well, they do exist, and they are heaven-sent gifts to our self-conscious people, who are currently the topic of discussion. Carrots, watermelons, blueberries… they live on it whenever they can. Whether it works or not, I don’t know. But they feel it might just work out. Well, for their case, let’s hope it just does.

7. Constantly check mirror

This isn’t something new that we hear about. Standing in front of the mirrors has become as normal as breathing. But then, these kind of people check their physique from various angles, from close-up mirror views to few steps back and a few more steps back. Some do it very frequently at every opportunity they get to check their reflection leading to a very unhealthy obsession.

8. Pray silently while wearing old clothes

One might think, ‘What do they pray?’ Well, a lot of thoughts may go on in their mind, the main expectations being one of the two: 1. This dress should fit me, or 2. Please, this dress should be a tad bit looser than the last time I wore it. When one of these two happens they are really truly happy, and might treat themselves to some delicacy which brings us back to point #5.

9. Forego restaurant hang-outs and yearn for food over online menus.


From the fear of over-eating, or if they gained a few kilograms recently, they tactfully avoid an invitation from friends to maintain their physique. They end up yearning for mouth-watering food over online food review sites like or and imagine the feel, texture and taste of the food in their mouth and remain content with their fantasies.

This is a real thing. People really do stuff like these to maintain their physique. Though some may seem as an exaggeration, some individuals actually do it. Hilarious as it may sound, it sometimes is a serious issue when their unhealthy obsession with their looks is nearly an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

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